What to Order at The Eddy, a Newcomer to the East Village

Photos by Zachary Feldman
On East 6th Street between First and Second Avenues stands The Eddy (342 East 6th Street, 646-895-9884), a new venture from chef Brendan McHale and co-owner Jason Soloway of Wallflower and Mother's Ruin. Dressed in a black-and-grey exterior, its muted look is welcome on this stretch, famous for its Indian restaurants festively decorated with Christmas lights. Step inside, however, and the arch-backed bar glitters with candlelight and terraced Edison bulbs. To the right, you'll find a pillbox dining room decorated in whitewashed brick, restored wood, and dark blue chairs, banquettes, and booths.


Kelvin Uffre's shakers are the clattering soundtrack for this handsome, shimmering backdrop. The genial bartender, formerly of Aldea and Maison Premiere, has constructed a menu of complicated, proprietary cocktails that remain nuanced despite the occasional laundry list of ingredients. To wit: a breezy, tropical Mont Blanc refresher combines shochu, boutique vermouth, jasmine-infused coconut cream, Clandestine absinthe, pinot grigio, and grapefruit; it's half cobbler, half flowery piña colada.


Let's also give the bar team props for the inspired garnishes. Depressed by one too many lemons served with my tacos as of late, I felt especially flush receiving this ornately carved lime wedge. The drink this distinguished citrus adorns, another floral riff on a classic (this time on a rum swizzle), mixes damson plum gin with rosehip-infused rhum agricole, and the Caribbean syrup called falernum -- infused with guava, of course. There's also a bracing, bitter take on an Old Fashioned with rye, minty Branca Menta, macadamia gomme syrup, and an Italian amaro called Genepi.

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The Eddy

342 E. 6th St., New York, NY

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