Doron Wong Explores a New Frontier of Yunnan Cuisine

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Yunnan Kitchen
Best place in the city for a drink:
Wong: Death and Company

Best special occasion restaurant:
Wong: Dovetail.

Best no occasion restaurant:
Wong: Minca. I'm there all the time.

Quintessential NYC restaurant:
Wong: Congee Village.

Dish you could eat forever:
Wong: Foie gras. People are going to hate me. I can roast a whole lobe and eat it.

Best dish you've had out recently:
Wong: A sunchoke dish at Toro.

Something you love about New York restaurants:
Wong: There are a lot of them. If that one's no good, you go next door.

Something you wish you could change:
Wong: How people see Chinese restaurants. Don't judge Chinese restaurants as if they were in Chinatown. People have a tendency to say, "I can get that cheaper in Chinatown." But then they want cool, nice stuff.

Underrated restaurant:
Wong: Al di la.

Underrated person:
Wong: Dishwashers are the most important people in my book.

Location Info

Yunnan Kitchen

79 Clinton St., New York, NY

Category: Restaurant

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