Celebrate National Peach Pie Day at Red Rooster Harlem

Peaches & Cream at Red Rooster Harlem

Peach Pie Day is happening this Sunday, and we couldn't think of a better time to sneak in a slice of one of summer's most prized offerings. Try it with a twist at Red Rooster Harlem (310 Lenox Avenue, 212-792-9001), where pastry chef Melissa Camacho peels, poaches, and dices peaches before cooking them in a brown sugar and cinnamon mixture. She then layers a cornmeal cookie bottom with the mixture, adds blackberries for tartness, and covers the entire creation in a flaky pie crust.

While the dessert's creation took a few turns from its inception, Camacho confirms that she never abandoned the crust. "At first, I wanted to do a cobbler, but I was so in love with this crust. I knew I really wanted to use it," she explains. The same element that won her over also proves to be the most difficult process of the pie: "The crust is the most important part -- the butter needs to be super cold, the flour needs to be sifted twice, and the dough can't be over worked."

And where there's a pie, there's an ice cream not far away: Camacho opted for a buttermilk yuzu citrus flavor over a classic vanilla variation for added character. "Tart buttermilk citrus ice cream is a great contrast to warm buttery pie," notes Camacho. "It cuts right through and clears your palate for the second -- and third -- bite."

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Simone-Elise Charles
Simone-Elise Charles

Hilarious. Been itching for one for a week...made it Friday afternoon. And now I know why. Lol


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