The 10 Best Taquerias in NYC

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Laura Shunk
Like bedfellows and debut albums, we're omnivorous in our tastes, which is why we go to different taquerias for specific tacos -- al pastor here, shrimp tacos there. You want the best cecina? Not here. You have to go to Queens. It is hard to do one thing well, and since a taco has the potential to be a perfect palmful of food, we think it deserves genuine focus. Here are the 10 best taquerias in NYC, each of which clearly executes its vision deliciously.

Scarlett Lindeman
10. El Vagabundo Truck Queens, Queens Plaza at 40th-41st Street, Queens, 347-276-4522

This late night truck in Sunnyside, Queens, serves an arresting cecina. Paper thin sheets of beef are cured with salt and par-dried, the closest thing we have to a beef jerky taco. The cooks here are affable and knowing, tucking the juicy, plump cecina into tortillas with a smile and an extra order of grilled onions. The meat tears under the tooth with a burst of iron savoriness.

Scarlett Lindeman
9. Cafe el Presidente, 3938 Broadway, 212-927-7011

Sometimes, when we're feeling tender, all we want is a rich, flaky flour tortilla gobbed with melted cheese and bits of pork. That's what you get if you order the "gringa" at Cafe el Presidente, where the tacos, salsas, and even the escabeche, is made in house. Additionally, all of the seafood tacos -- shrimp, lobster, and fish -- soothe the soul.

Taco Mix
8. Taco Mix, 234 East 116th Street #1

These guys have the biggest and best trompo'd al pastor in town, spinning slowly on a jacked-up spit. The taquero shaves off crusty, caramelized shavings of marinated pork with a machete, a couple slivers of pineapple in the mix. Each tortilla is lovely dunked in rendered fat. And, if you catch them on a favorable day, they'll let you bring your own beer inside.

Location Info

Cafe el Presidente

30 West 24th Street, New York, NY

Category: Restaurant

Taco Mix

234 E. 116th St., New York, NY

Category: Restaurant

Los Tacos No. 1

75 9th Ave., New York, NY

Category: Restaurant

Taqueria Cocoyoc

211 Wyckoff Ave., Brooklyn, NY

Category: Restaurant

Mission Cantina

172 Orchard St., ,

Category: Restaurant

Tacos Morelos

94-13 37th Ave., New York, NY

Category: Restaurant

El Atoradero

800 E. 149th St., Bronx, NY

Category: Restaurant

Taqueria Izucar

1503 Myrtle Ave., New York, NY

Category: Restaurant

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