The Best Things We Ate in 2012

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It has been such a good year for eating in New York! Here, the Fork team looks back at some of the best things we ate in 2012, from rice porridge with uni in the West Village to dreamy cheese fries upstate.

Share your best bites in the comments or tell us about them on Twitter (we're @forkintheroadvv).

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The 18 Best Food Books of 2012


Hey, it's been a pretty good year for food books! Among the hundreds of new cookbooks, essay collections, and food memoirs that we read, here's a handful that really stood out:

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Photo Gallery: 100 Good Things to Eat in New York

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Here at Fork in the Road, we're nerds. We spend almost all of our time snacking our way around the city, researching and tasting to find the very best things to eat and drink, so we can tell you about it. In 10 glorious pages, here's a look at our last 100 days with snapshots of the great dishes we profiled leading up to our Best Of NYC issue. Enjoy, in no particular order, the slices of pizza, plates of biryani, and hefty sandwiches that really fogged our glasses:

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Five Little Mysteries Based on the Food Section of the Voice Best Of Issue

This year's Best Ramen?

Ready for a little quiz? Here are five questions concerning establishments FiTR writers have recommend in the Voice Best Ofs, which you can examine here. You can either read the items first, and then answer the questions, or you can read the questions first, and then go on a scavenger hunt in search of the answers. Actually, you can just read the questions and turn the page to get at the answers immediately, but that's cheating!


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