Blogroll Gazette: Lobster Rolls and Egg White Cocktails

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Clarissa Wei
This week in food blogs ...

Serious Eats eats 19 lobster rolls. [Serious Eats]

Eddie Huang and Francis Lam talk about whether or not it is fair for chefs to cook other cultures' food. "A huge part of the reason I opened Baohaus is because everyone thought Momofuku pork buns were the original and it pissed me off," Huang says. [Gilt Taste]

Why egg white cocktails can be gross (and how to make them good every time): "Frizell said the secret was using less egg white. Most people are turned off by egg white cocktails because they've had drinks made with too much of it, he explained, which can leave a dry, powdery film in your mouth. [Bon Appetit]

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Blogroll Gazette: Savor Fusion Food Court, How to Measure Flour

Serious Eats heads down to Flushing and reports on the Savor Fusion Food Court. [Serious Eats]

How to measure flour: "Use a spoon to stir the flour in the container. Drop spoonfuls of flour into a measuring cup until it's overflowing, then sweep a knife across the rim to make an even surface." [Saveur]

Don't throw your potato peels in the garbage. Use them. Gilt Taste gives four tips on how. [Gilt Taste]

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Blogroll Gazette: In-N-Out Secret Menu and Edible Flowers

Todd Coleman
This week in food blogs...

Serious Eats orders every In-N-Out burger variant on the menu. [Serious Eats]

A guide to edible flowers: "From herbaceous blossoms to textured sprigs, flowers add sweetness or spice to a variety of dishes." [Saveur]

Peter Kaminsky talks about what tartness does for food. "Tartness frames other powerful, unruly flavors in a recipe," he says. [Gilt Taste]

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Blogroll Gazette: Wedding Food and Creme Brulee Donuts

This week in food blogs..

Wedding food doesn't have to suck. Tips on how to how to avoid serving bad food on the big day. [Food Republic]

Coffee is really good for you but scientists have no idea why. [The Salt]

Black chickpeas. They're basically the same as regular chickpeas except they're black and a bit nuttier. [Amateur Gourmet]

The recipe for creme brulee donuts. [Iamafoodblog]

22 of the best looking sandwiches Serious Eats has eaten so far in 2012 [Serious Eats]

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Blogroll Gazette: Dosas and Tacos

New York Street Food

This week in food blogs...

Serious Eats does a round-up on seven can't-miss-dosas in New York City.

In honor of Mother's Day, Gourmet Live has a post on a mom's five kitchen rules for her kids. One of them: hone your multitasking talents.

Ryan Sutton at The Price Hike gives his take on why Empellon Cocina doesn't serve tasting menus. "The lesson here is that tacos made with excellent products shouldn't necessarily be cheaper than composed dishes," he says.

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Blogroll Gazette: Avocado Marshmallows and Chick-fil-A Addictions


This week in food blogs ...

Food Babe investigates why she became so addicted to Chick-fil-A. One of her reasons: "If I turn in the toy from the kid's meal I can get an ice cream cone that my kid loves and I don't have to deal with all these annoying toys everywhere in my house."

Gilt Taste explores why chefs are so happy to cook gluten free.

Matthew Yglesias from Slate talks about why Big Macs are cheap in Argentina: "Well, it's all a sordid tale of capital controls and fuzzy math."

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Blogroll Gazette: Vegan Test, Disco Robot Waiters

In food blogs this week:

Well devises a test to see if you can make it as a vegan.

Paleofuture at the Smithsonian looks at the disco robot waiters of 1980s Pasadena.

At Food Republic: Why cocktail competitions suck.

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Blogroll Gazette: Graphic Interviews, Food Writing Disputes

This week in food blogs:

Food Republic posts an interview with Dale Talde, David Massoni, and John Bush about their Brooklyn restaurant ventures in graphic-novel form.

Food and Think explores the work of Charles Spence, a researcher investigating how sound affects flavor.

Serious Eats shows you where to eat around Yankee Stadium.

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Blogroll Gazette: Cooking Iguanas, Best Food Blog Awards

The critic hunter
Squid Ink posts a promo video for the Chef's Feed App, "The Critic Hunter," which spoofs nature wildlife shows and makes fun of Yelpers in one fell swoop.

Gourmet Live visits the pope's farm.

Find out how to how to hunt and cook iguana at The Perennial Plate.

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Blogroll Gazette: The Life and Death of Food Blogs, Seder Don'ts

Victor Radziun
The Amateur Gourmet asks: Are food blogs over? (We'd like to think not.)

The Salt looks into the rise of what some farmers are calling "fake CSAs."

Gourmet Live gives us the heads up on 10 seder faux pas.

At Daily Dish, Jonathan Gold tackles a tricky dining situation: when dinner guests announce that they won't eat anything with a face.

Food and Think digs up the history of the Mister Softee jingle.

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