A $7 Latte and a Bottomless Beer Brunch on This Week's Brunch Roster

Courtesy BÚÐIN via Facebook
A new Nordic coffee shop is making waves -- and drawing ire -- for a $7 latte
Still debating brunch plans? Make life simple by checking out these hand picked locations.

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A Beer Pairing and Unlimited Drinks for $10 on This Weekend's Brunch Docket

Courtesy Mira Sushi & Izakaya
A new bottomless brunch has hit the streets at Mira Sushi & Izakaya
If you're planning to pull off a pub crawl during NYC Beer Week, you're going to need brunch first. Try one of these spots.

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Weekend Brunch at Arte Cafe, The Haab, Clinton St. Baking Co., and Studio Square

Courtesy Clinton St. Bakery via Facebook
Pancake month is half-way done. Get there.
If you're hungover after a night of love -- or a night of talking about the futility of love -- don't sleep in too long. Plenty of places will be offering some hearty brunch specials to remind you there are 364 days of the year to find happiness. Here are a few of our top choices for the morning-after mimosa.

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Weekend Brunch at DiWine, Fiat Cafe, Cafe Rue Dix, and Buddakan

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Courtesy DiWine via Facebook
Bottomless brunch? Yes, we'd go out in a snowstorm for that.
Whether its three or 30 inches that fall this weekend, we're going to have to leave the house sometime, and weekend brunch is calling our name. Here are a few places that will reward you with tasty treats like pancakes for your puddle jumping skills.

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Where to Eat Brunch This Weekend

Courtesy Red Rooster via Facebook
Red Rooster is breaking out the wings during a new midnight brunch
Looking to start off February with a bountiful brunch? Check out our line-up of this week's best spots -- including a DIY bloody mary bar.

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Weekend Brunch at Dojo, Divine Restaurant, Elberta, and North Square

Courtesy Dojo Restaurant & Lounge
Unlimited food and drink for $40. We'll take that.
Need a relief from a stressful week at work? Take advantage of a mimosa or seven at one of these brunch spots.

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Where to Brunch This Weekend: Toloache Thompson, Crown, Corlette NY, and The Sparrow Tavern

Courtesy Toloache Thompson via Facebook
$19.99 gets you unlimited margaritas, bloodies, and vampiros for 90 minutes at Toloache Thompson
With a three-day weekend in sight for some of us, spending an hour or three at brunch is an even more enticing proposition than usual -- especially if it leads into playoff football or a night of debauchery. Here are a few places that can help your day get off to a great start.

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Where to Brunch This Weekend: The Spot, Sugar Freak, Nook, Golden Unicorn

Courtesy Sugar Freak
Want to try a hangover remedy? Head to Astoria for a southern brunch this weekend
If you're experiencing a weekend without brunch, it probably means you got left off the invite list. If that's the case, be proactive by making new friends at one of these four lively brunch spots.

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Where to Brunch This Weekend: Dillingers Pub & Grill, Cafe Zona Sur, Eastwick, and Brindle Room

Thumbnail image for cafezonasur.jpg
Courtesy Cafe Zona Sur via Facebook
Prosecco and Pastries are the rage at this Sunset Park brunch spot
In case you live in a windowless box and haven't noticed, it's freezing cold and snowing outside -- so spending the weekend downing biscuits and gravy seems like a really strong plan right now. As does a batch mimosas. Or many batches of mimosas.

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Where to Brunch This Weekend: The Sixth Ward, Café Ghia, Tipsy Parson, Sage General Store

Courtesy Sage General Store via Facebook
Ending the year with a bacon brunch? Sounds like a great way to prepare for an epic 2014.
The final brunch weekend of 2013 is upon us, and if you need a little practice for New Year's, may we suggest a round of mimosas? Where to brunch:

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