Village Voice Story on Restaurant Leases Featured on The Ride Home With Pat Kiernan

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Village Voice cover story featured on Pat Kiernan's radio show

Village Voice writer Jon Campbell was on WABC Radio's The Ride Home, with Pat Kiernan and Rita Cosby yesterday to talk about our cover story from last week, co-written with Food Editor Laura Shunk. The story, Are High Rents Pricing Manhattan's High End Restaurants Out of the Market? takes a deep look at the economic factors driving some of the city's high end restaurants out of business, or at least out of Manhattan.

Check out the segment (4:30) below:

And check out the full episode here.

How We're Coping with the Storm (Hint: First We're Donating Food)

Village Voice
Before we get specific about how the Fork in the Road team will take advantage of this weather, we'd first like to recognize that the food pantries and shelters we supported wholeheartedly after Hurricane Sandy will definitely need extra supplies this weekend. Currently, there is a tremendous need for canned fruits and vegetables, peanut butter, and cereal. The world's greatest comfort food, mac and cheese, is also in high demand. Contact City Harvest or the Bowery Mission to find drop off locations in your neighborhood.

By now, all New Yorkers know how to prep their pantries for an upcoming storm. This time around, canned goods, pasta, and a whole lotta booze should be enough to carry us through an evening or two spent indoors.

Need weekend inspiration? Here's how team Fork in the Road plans to stay warm and well fed tonight.

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An Open Letter to Santa Claus


Dear Santa,

We've been pretty good this year.

We supported the New York establishments that we love and worked tirelessly to perfect our homemade baked goods. We buried our heads in hundreds of tasty books and still found a few ways to keep the spice in our lives. We ate a lot of meat (but we're not sure what list that puts us on).

Anyway, to make your life a bit easier, we've organized a short list of the food gifts that we're hoping to see under the tree next week. Questions? Let us know @forkintheroadvv.

Fork in the Road

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A Guide to Village Voice Food Coverage

Il Primo Uomo

Just a friendly reminder that the Fork in the Road homepage isn't the only place where you can keep up to the moment on New York City's food and restaurant news.

You can follow us on Twitter @ForkintheRoadVV for quick, snappy updates.

Or you can like us on Facebook at Fork in the Road. We're likable, really!

Our comprehensive Dining Guide lets you browse restaurant listings, while our Restaurant Reviews offer deeper insight into the city's wide range of eateries.

And last, but certainly not least, we also have a Village Voice Tumblr, which has lots of pretty food photos.

See, we're all over the Internet!

Fork in the Road Announces the Frozen Treat Fortnight

This kumquat and poppy seed ice cream is worth writing home about -- unfortunately, you'll have to go to San Francisco's Humphry Slocombe to get it. :(

Summer's almost here, and the opening of new frozen-treat concessions has reached a breakneck rate. While we're waiting for New Orleans Sno-Balls and brick-and-mortar gay soft-serve to arrive, Fork in the Road will provide the latest news of the city's ice cream scene.

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Won't You Please Like Us?

We're in need of friends. Facebook friends, that is.

That's right, you can now follow Fork in the Road on Facebook to keep up to date with all of New York City's culinary news. So go ahead and let the world know that you like us!

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A Look Back at the Top Stories of 2010

Albert Michael/Startraks
Baby porn.
Sure, sure, a new year is now upon us, but as we usher in 2011, let's take a quick look down memory lane to see what stories reigned supreme on Fork in the Road in 2010. Come relive the year of Padma, the Pizzacone, and eating in Times Square.

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New Year's Greetings


Holiday Greetings!


Our 10 Worst Restaurant Moments

"Waiter! There's a finger in my soup!"

Mostly, the Fork in the Road staff has a good time in restaurants -- and we eat in lots of them. But sometimes our experience is so awful, that we never forget. So we got together and came up with our 10 Worst Restaurant Moments.

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