A 'Classic Texas-Style with a Little Brooklyn Hipster' Makes for a Winning Chili Recipe

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Photos by Bradley Hawks
An array of chili recipes judged at Sunday's Brooklyn Chili Takedown at the Bell House (149 7th Street, Brooklyn). See our full gallery from the 2014 Brooklyn Chili Takedown
Sunday marked the annual return of the Brooklyn Chili Takedown, which happened this year at the Bell House in Gowanus. Matt Timms, originator of the Takedowns series of food cook-offs that now includes bacon, cookies, mac & cheese, ice cream, and more, has seen his idea spread to other U.S. cities, but the Brooklyn Chili Takedown is the original. This year, it featured 30 chefs who stirred savory crocks that drew inspiration from everything from Star Trek to wasabi peas, from hot dogs to peanut butter, and even the Smoke Monster from Lost.

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Ticket Giveaway: Get Your Gnome on at Chouffefest

For one night only, gnomes are taking over Brooklyn. Next Thursday, June 19, Belgian brewery Chouffe comes to the Brooklyn Night Bazaar (165 Banker Street, Brooklyn) with flowing beer, food, and a slew of silly gnome-centric activities, from giant checkers and a "gnome-throne" photo booth to live screen-printed posters and a caricaturist who will "gnomeify" you.

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Contest Alert: Pen a Short Review, Win Money for a Chocolate Jesus on Mouth.com

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Win money for this Chocolate Jesus statue.
If you're into off-beat flavor combinations and you can also write a short sentence better than Ernest Hemingway, we get word that Mouth.com is running a contest you might want to check out.

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Guess This Beer And Win Two Tickets to Brooklyn Pour!


Oh, hey there. Did you know that The Village Voice is hosting a beer festival on October 6th? It's called Brooklyn Pour, and there are already over 65 brewers who plan to be there. Tickets are $45 for the general public, but $65 if you want to call yourself a "Very Important Person."

But, who wants to pay for things these days anyway? We're giving you, our dear readers, an opportunity to win a pair of tickets. All you have to do is guess the above beer.

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Where Am I Eating? The Mystery Grows...

Hello again, sleuthsome diners, and welcome to part deux of this week's "Where Am I Eating?"

Nobody has guessed where they serve up this marvelous meal, pictured on the next page, so the prize -- a cookbook -- is still up for grabs.

Besides: Valentine's Day looms ever-so-ominously around the corner, and what other gift says "I love you" like a cookbook won in an online contest? Probably nothing. So go ahead and take a gander at the photo.

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Where Am I Eating? B & H

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"B & H" stands for "better and healthy," and this soup is both!

In this week's Where Am I Eating? contest, Chris H. reigned supreme, correctly guessing that the borscht pictured was from B & H.

Congratulations, Chris. Please email me to choose your cookbook.

Chock full of beets, the borscht is a mainstay at this tiny vegetarian and kosher East Village luncheonette. Available for $4.25 for a cup or $4.75 for a bowl, it can also be had as part of a lunch combo meal, alongside potato pancakes (if it's a Tuesday), a grilled cheese sandwich (Wednesday), or stuffed cabbage (Thursday).

Stay tuned for another contest next week!

Have a restaurant tip or other food-related news? Send it to fork@villagevoice.com.

Where Am I Eating?

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Welcome back to Where Am I Eating? It's been a while since our weekly guess-the-restaurant contest has run, but here we are, better than ever.

Scrutinize the photo above and try to guess the restaurant that serves the pictured dish. One guess per person, please. The first person to post in the comments with the correct answer will win his or her choice of a new cookbook from our ample selection.

If no one's figured out the restaurant by Thursday morning, additional hints will be posted.

Have a restaurant tip or other food-related news? Send it to fork@villagevoice.com.

Where Am I Eating? Taïm




Life's Sabich








Thanks to everyone who played last week's Where Am I Eating? contest. Kim conquered the challenge, quickly guessing that the dish shown is from Taïm. The dish above is Taïm's prized sabich sandwich, which stuffs slices of caramelized eggplant, hard-boiled egg, hummus, Israeli slaw, tahini, and amba sauce inside fluffy pita bread. Kim, please email me to choose your cookbook.


Check back on Wednesday for another edition of Where Am I Eating?

Where Am I Eating? Downtown Bakery

Downtown Bakery's crispy-yet-gooey chicken mole tacos.

In this week's Where Am I Eating? contest, Mike W. correctly guessed that the dish shown is from Downtown Bakery on First Avenue.

The dish above is their lovely chicken mole tacos, stuffed with crispy bits of chicken breast and smothered in bittersweet mole sauce.

Congratulations, Mike, and please email me to choose your cookbook.

Stay tuned for another contest this week.

Have a tip or restaurant-related news? Send it to fork@villagevoice.com.

Where Am I Eating?


Welcome to this week's installment of Where Am I Eating?, our weekly guess-the-restaurant contest.

Have a look at the photo above and try to guess what restaurant that dish was eaten in. One guess per person, and if you have won in the last month, please sit this one out. The first commenter to guess correctly will win his or her choice of a new cookbook from our teetering stacks.

If no one's gotten it by Friday morning, I'll add a hint or two ...