Momo Crawl 2014: Is the Momo Ready to Go Mainstream?

Photo courtesy Brian Yarvin/Flickr
Momos. A delicious way to beat the cold -- especially when they're only a buck
Judging by the 650-plus people who RSVP'd for the momo crawl this Saturday, it appears that the era of the momo is very much upon us. This is the third year of the $1 dumpling event -- which encompasses 17 locations in the Himalayan-heavy community of Jackson Heights -- and word is spreading quickly thanks to the work of Queens food tour guide and writer Jeff Orlick.

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Celebrating the Birth of Pizza by Honoring Every Parlor in the City

Thumbnail image for pizzaslices.jpg
Billy Lyons

By now, an impromptu mass gathering in a Williamsburg warehouse isn't anything to write home about -- most of the country probably thinks that's just the way hipsters mate. But when a barista told me that some random place nearby was going to host a pizza party -- and get pies from every single New York pizzeria that delivered -- it seemed worth the risk of inadvertent contact with skinny jeans to find out what the organizers were up to and how they were going to pull this off.

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Are Dominique Ansel's Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shots Worth the Wait?

All photos by Billy Lyons
Ansel's latest creation, the chocolate chip cookie milk shot
Dominique Ansel's cronut was so successful, he could have built a fleet of shops dedicated to just that sweet and ridden the mania he created straight into retirement. Instead, he continues to work to change the public perception of pastry, and last week, he debuted a new line-inspiring, madcap creation: the chocolate chip cookie milk shot.

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Hello Deli's Extreme Frank: FiTR Tries the MegaDog

Last night, David Letterman riffed on the Subway Footlong shortfall scandal by sending the camera down to the Hello Deli on 53rd Street, where a foot-long hot dog called the MegaDog has been offered for the last six months. Letterman makes the proprietor, Rupert Jee, take a tape measure to the thing and it turns out to be only eight inches long.

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Introducing the Enhanced BLT

From the top, it looks almost like a regular BLT.

I was lingering by Northern Spy's pop-up on the Highline trying to decide what to get. The egg biscuit or the BLT? Having never tried their BLT before, I decided to give it a go. Since Northern Spy is one of those farm-to-market places, I knew it had to be good, and my mind starting swimming with images of artisanal bacon, red ripe field tomatoes, and hand whipped mayo. But then my eye caught something on the menu.

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Tim Tebow Sandwich: What Should It Really Look Like?

Two days ago, Fork in the Road put up a piece about the Jetbow sandwich at Carnegie Deli. It was a giant, collapsing mess held up by sticks, featuring an incongruous collection of deli meats. It made us wonder what a true Tebow sandwich would look like, encompassing the diverse history of the Heisman Trophy winner.

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Play the Fortune Cookie Game!

Where the hell did the fortune cookie come from, anyway?

How they were invented is a matter of some dispute, not where they were invented -- which was California. The magic happened approximately 100 years ago, when a Japanese company in that state decided to make a modern American version of a temple cookie that had been made in Japan for centuries called omikuji, which contained a random fortune tucked inside a cookie made with miso batter. The California version was lighter and smaller, and the fortunes, of course, were in English. It was supposedly first made in the U.S. by a guy named Makoto Hagiwara, who served the cookies in a Japanese tea garden in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park.

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Explain This Scene!

Stumbled on this scene on 23rd Street as I wobbled home from the barbecue last evening. Anyone have any idea what it means? In the comments, please. Nothing has been altered or rearranged. Best explanation will receive praise. Click on image to make seeing it a lot easier.

An Attempt to Recreate Pigs in Blankets at the New East Village IHOP

The raw materials

When I was a kid in Minneapolis, a visit to IHOP (or its feuding competitor, Perkins Pancake House) was a rare and much-to-be anticipated occasion, and one of the very few meals eaten outside of the house or the confines of the backyard. When my twin brothers and I got there, we never stopped to examine the menu, because our order was predetermined: pigs in blankets.

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Love Your Kids? Do Art on Their Lunch Bags


You're a doting foodie parent, and every day your kid's Speed Racer lunchbox is packed with the choicest farmers' market vittles. But could you be an even better foodie parent? There's a dad in San Diego who draws on his kids' lunch bags every day, mainly sci-fi, literary, and cartoon stuff. His Tumblr is devoted to original art by him and other artist moms and dads who draw on their children's recycled paper lunch bags. Here are our favorite 10, and Fork in the Road invites you and your offspring to feast on envy as you admire them.

[Via Gamma Squad][@tracyjane]

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