Why You Should Spend a Day Eating and Drinking in Red Hook

Red Hook Lobster Pound
Red Hook offers a lot more than just lobsters nowadays
Red Hook is a gritty looking community filled with warehouses, graffiti, and railroad tracks (though its main stretch of Van Brunt is quite charming) and lacking in the bullshit hype and window dressing that make other neighborhoods of Brooklyn a trademarked brand. Resilient beyond comprehension, it has bounced back from Hurricane Sandy and a season of MTV's Real World to demonstrate there are a few New York neighborhoods where mom-and-pop can still open their doors. And there are a number of good places to eat and drink in this neighborhood, which means you should spend a day exploring all it has to offer.

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Breaking: Chef Ilan Hall Brings Knife Fight to Brooklyn

Courtesy Esquire Network
Former Top Chef champion Ilan Hall made waves in the Brooklyn dining scene earlier this summer, opening his restaurant, the Gorbals (98 North 6th Street, Brooklyn, 718-387-0195), to positive reviews. Now he's bringing his show, Knife Fight, to Williamsburg as well.

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Here's a Taste of the Breakfast at Cafe El Presidente

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A doughy Mexican style croissant called cuernitos with sweet cream cheese and apricot marmalade.

At 8 a.m. on Tuesday morning, the streets of the Flatiron district are bustling with suits, tourists with sky pointed cameras, and bike commuters, who weave through the chaos at an occasionally terrifying clip. Breakfast for most of these early risers comes in clutched paper cups from corner rolling carts, and maybe a crusty bagel from whichever chain pastry shop is nearest.

But now, it doesn't have to be that way.

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10 Ways to Celebrate Passover in NYC

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Image courtesy BLT Steak/BLT Prime
Braised brisket at the BLT restaurants.

Passover began last night, and if you've ignored the holiday until now, there's still plenty of time for redemption; lucky for all of us, this city is filled with great Passover options for every level of religious commitment, whether you're a by-the-book kosher zealot, a "cultural" identifier with a Jewish grandmother somewhere down the family line, or a curious bystander who'd like to have a lesson in tradition.

Here, we offer 10 ways to celebrate the gift of freedom, some kosher, some kosher...in spirit.

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Red Hook's El Olomega Wins Top Vendy

El Olomega and newly-won Vendy.
This weekend the 2013 Vendy Awards, known as "the Oscars of street food," corralled 28 trucks and tables into Sunset Park's Industry City for a marathon of gormandizing before naming New York City's best mobile cuisine purveyor.

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Eat Latkes Out: Mile End's Hanukkah Super Duo, Second Avenue Deli's Instant Heart Attack

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mile end.jpg
Mile End makes latkes for the Hanukkah season.

Making latkes is hard in a small apartment kitchen. The brave cook ends up with oil burns and will probably find crusty potato shreds on the floor come Passover. So we don't blame the Hanukkah-celebrating folk for venturing out to eat potato pancakes, especially when served with chopped liver or a heaping pile of pastrami.

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The Best Things We Ate During Sandy

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roast chicken:spork or foon.jpg
flickr/spork or foon
So many chickens

Some of us might have been without power and water these past few days, but here's how our team has been stress eating (and cooking!) our way through the storm:

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Our Restaurant Fantasies, Revealed

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After reading this fun restaurant wish-list over on Diner's Journal, the Fork team started wishing and hoping for some of our own fantasy places to open.

I'd love for a truck to drive around in the winter serving cups of really good, hot cassoulet. If there's a line, there will be nips of brandy while you wait. And my goodness, if a casual Indian place opened in my neighborhood, serving fresh, excellent Gujurati snacks like patrel and dhokra, along with some great beers, and pots of masala chai, I'd be really happy. Also, how about a place doing exquisite tasting menus that are delicious and affordable?

Here are more Fork wishes, from Laotian and Taiwanese, to Louisianan:

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Eat This Now: Orange Blossom Nougat With Pop Rocks


The orange blossom nougat ($7) from Gastro Bar at 35th was one of the most unique desserts I've ever had. Served in a martini glass, the bottom is fresh orange juice made into a syrup. It's filled with chocolate mousse and brown sugar, finished with butter on top. Add on a dollop of whipped cream and then the final touch: pop rocks.

"My goal is to make people think and to make it a little bit whimsical," chef John Walsh says. "It's a little part of me that wants to have fun with the guest."

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Summer Barbecue Tips With a Latin Twist From Chef Stanley Licairac

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Havana Central

OK, so the weather really hasn't been in our favor lately. But once it does hit the 90s, and we're out again in our flip-flops battling the inevitable East Coast humidity, it'll be time to hit the grill. Here are some summer barbecue tips (with a Latin edge) from the chef who provided us the recipe for mango-glazed salmon earlier this week.

1) Rather than using the typical salt or vinegar to tenderize meat, try citrus. Add juices--sour orange or lime--to the meat at least 30 minutes (and up to 24 hours) prior to grilling.

2) Use chimichurri as a sauce or marinade for a Latin twist. The popular condiment is used on meats in South America and consists of parsley, garlic, oregano, olive oil, black pepper, and red-pepper flakes.

3) Getting bored of chicken and pork? Mojo--a mixture of olive oil, fresh garlic, and sour orange--is a Cuban staple that goes well with both. The sauce is easy to make, and marinating the white meats in it adds juiciness and brings out flavor.

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