Here's a One-Night-Only Nigerian Dinner You Won't Want to Miss

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All photos courtesy Tunde Wey
A year ago, Tunde Wey and partner Peter Dalinowski opened the doors to Revolver, a sort of permanent pop-up space in the Detroit metro area. Open just a couple nights a week, the concept brought in different established and up-and-coming chefs for prix fixe dinners, which ranged from modern American to Filipino to Indonesian to Japanese. With communal tables and an emphasis on celebrating culinary talent, it was an innovative new addition to the city's burgeoning scene.

Still, Wey, a Nigerian native who has resided in Detroit for 14 years, was hankering for more. With only a slight inclination of where he wanted to go next, he amicably sold his share to Dalinowski several months ago and then hopped in his friend's car and started cooking his way around the United States.

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Marilyn Hagerty Guest Judged Top Chef, Didn't Know it Aired

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Grand Forks Herald

Remember Marilyn Hagerty? She wrote that lovely restaurant review of the Olive Garden in Grand Forks, North Dakota. The article went viral, even though she recently admitted that she didn't know what viral meant.

The small town food writer was a guest judge on Wednesday's episode of Top Chef , but she wasn't aware the episode aired so she missed it!

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The 10 Foods Not to Order on a First Date

Marie Claire
Order right, and this can be your date.

You wouldn't know it from the weather outside, but it's spring. And when spring is in the air, love is in the air. But to find love, many first dates must be had. Which poses the important question of what foods should one eat -- or not eat -- on a date. Luckily, Fork in the Road is here with the answers. Here are the 10 dishes you don't want to order on a first date.

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A Glimpse of the Original Ippudo in Tokyo

Mmmm, this bowl of Ippudo ramen from the Ebisu location in Tokyo looks like the one called Shiromaru Hakata Classic here.

Fork in the Road Beijing correspondent Lillian Chou recently traveled to Tokyo, where she met another friend of ours, musician Carl Stone, and the two of them went ramen-hopping, which has long been as easy to do there as it has become in NYC -- where dozens of ramen joints have opened in the last few years.

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How New York City Chefs Prep for Thanksgiving

It's Turkey Time!

By now, the turkey should be brining, the cranberry sauce underway, and the medicine cupboard stocked with an ample supply of Valium should the family get-together take a turn. And how are New York City restaurant chefs prepping for the big day? We checked in with four of them to see how their Thanksgiving plans were shaping up and whether they plan to raid the refrigerator come midnight tomorrow.

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Jackie Hoffman Doesn't Do Shellfish, Makes a Nice Chicken, and Likes a Big Portion

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Jackie Hoffman, dressed for work.
Jackie Hoffman is an actress, a comedienne, and the owner of some of the most flexible facial muscles in entertainment history. If you didn't see her on Broadway as Hairspray's Prudy Pringleton or as The Addams Family's Grandma, there's a good chance you caught her on shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm and 30 Rock, or in movies like Garden State and Kissing Jessica Stein. Or, if you're a Grand Theft Auto fan, you may at least recognize Hoffman's voice -- she plays the evil talk radio personality Mary Phillips.

Beginning next Monday, November 22, Hoffman will be playing herself in Jackie Five-Oh! A Celebration of Jackie Hoffman's First 50th Birthday, a one-woman show at Joe's Pub. She took some time off from preparing for the show, which will run for four consecutive Monday evenings, to enlighten us about her appreciation of big portions, hatred of shellfish, and thoughts about children in restaurants.

What's in your refrigerator right now?

Leftovers in Tupperware, fruit, vegetables, three containers of Fage Greek yogurt, milk, cottage cheese, whole-wheat tortillas.

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