Battleground Food Trucks: The Candidates on Mobile Eateries

Scarlett Lindeman
Tacos like these from Tacos El Vagabundo may be endangered with more food truck regulation.
At 2 a.m. on a Saturday, on the corner of East Second Street and Avenue A, there are at least 30 people standing around a Mexican food truck waiting for their $3 quesadillas and $7 burritos. The food truck business, you might think from this scene, is booming. But like every other story in this city, it's not that simple.

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What's On The Inauguration Luncheon Menu?

President Obama.jpg
On January 21, 225 guests will arrive at the White House to celebrate President Obama's inauguration... again! As they mingle and slap Barry on the back, thanking him for sharing the White House's beer recipe with the masses, they'll also feast on a menu from Arlington-based catering company Design Cuisine.

Obamafoodorama made the menu public (after the jump) and said that the theme of the luncheon will be "Faith in America's Future." Of course, all the food is farm-to-table, artisanal, sustainable, and local.

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Did You Vote? Grab Deals From Starbucks, Shake Shack, and More


Hey there, American citizen. Did you vote yet?

If you've already hit your polling station, you can now take advantage of a number of food deals created to congratulate you on exercising your right. And being rewarded with special deals for doing something that's already a privilege sounds like a pretty American practice to us.

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Before Debate, Romney Munches on Quinoa While Obama Opts for Steak

Well it was Meatless Monday.

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obama, romney

In Honor of the Republican National Convention: Motorhead's 'Eat the Rich'

Elaine Carroll and Very Mary-Kate Dish About Their Favorite Foods

Very Mary-Kate/Twitter
Elaine Carroll in character as Mary-Kate Olsen

Elaine Carroll is the hilarious comedian who parodies Mary-Kate Olsen in the online series Very Mary-Kate. Streamed on College Humor, the two-minute-long episodes portray fictionalized accounts of the day-to-day happenings of the Olsen twin's life. Most activities include pestering her bodyguard and not eating. When she does eat, she tends to favor things like morphine martinis. We got in touch with Elaine, who revealed what her daily diet is like, and also gave us some insight into the eating habits of Very Mary-Kate.

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The Kitchn Looks at Judith Jones' Kitchen

Random House
She might be one of the most important people in the cookbook publishing world, but Judith Jones, the editor who championed Julia Child way back when, has a surprisingly normal New York City kitchen. The Kitchn takes a tour today of her Upper East Side apartment, which is refreshingly not tricked out with unnecessary gadgets and tools but features a Julia Child-style peg-board wall for her pots and a bounty of carbon steel knives.

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What Kind of Orderer Are You?

Have you made up your mind yet?

When you go to a restaurant, are you the person who can't decide until five minutes after the waitress has come over to take your order? Do you constantly ask for substitutions or question the staff about the ingredients of every single dish? If so, you might fall into one of Zagat's seven most annoying types of orderers.

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Action Bronson, the Coolest Chef/Rapper Ever, Loves His Meat

Didn't get a chance to make it to Meatopia a few weeks back? Well you can still have a peek at the event through the eyes of Action Bronson, only the coolest rapper/chef around. Highsnobiety has a video of the rapper's tour of the meat-centric festival.

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Yo La Tengo Likes Sake and Grappa, but Not Stinky Tofu

Stinky tofu is, indeed, stinky.
Indie band Yo La Tengo are bona fide foodies! Interviewed in Wine Enthusiast magazine, the trio explain that their sole purpose for touring is to eat and drink their way through cities around the world. But they still can't conquer every food.

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