Is Bunny the New Bird in NYC?

Gee, it doesn't quite look like fried chicken, does it? Fatty 'Cue's fried rabbit with spicy vinegar dip

Is rabbit the new chicken? Well, probably not! But Fork in the Road has been encountering rabbit all over New York menus in the last few months, and it seems to be more than a fluke. It all started this past March (So March Hare!), when we encountered a novel rabbit cacciatore at Zero Otto Nove, depositing a good-size and tender haunch in a rich tomatoey hunter's sauce shot with capers and onions, and thought, "Gee, this is great." Somehow, the hare, with its firm pale flesh, stood up much better to a sauce that would have overwhelmed and nearly dissolved a piece of chicken.

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See a Photo of Drake Cooking With Guy Fieri

Not Kosher.
If pictures could talk, would this one explain why rapper Drake spent the weekend in the kitchen with Guy Fieri? The improbable friends look to be extremely focused on proper plating techniques -- because they're fancy, huh-- and not appearing overly studied in front of the camera. The Instagramed image doesn't note what the two cooked, but the final plate screams donkey sauce. [Instagram via Grub Street]

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Introducing the Onion Crunch Dog

Egad! What's that on my Shofar kosher frank?

[See More Flash in the Pan: Burger King's Bacon Sundae Revealed]

You figure the formula used for street dogs has been the same for hundreds of years, right? An overboiled frank, squirt of grainy mustard, and steaming forkful of kraut or suspiciously mahogany (canned) onions. What could be added?

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BK Bacon Sundae Revealed

Burger King
The new bacon sundae -- with real bacon!
Amid frantic corporate restructuring, as reported by The New York Times, and a sagging market share, the Burger King in bending over backwards to delight foodies with a new genre that might be dubbed "extreme fast food."

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Turns Out the New Times Critic Is... Eric Asimov! (Just for Now)

Taking a break from wining to critique
Rumors that Times-Picayune critic Brett Anderson has been selected to replace Sam Sifton have not yet been refuted. In the meantime, the position has already been filled -- temporarily, at least. Wine writer Eric Asimov is taking over as interim critic while a permanent replacement is still being sorted out. This week he reviews Salinas.

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Pumpkins Carved to Blow Your Mind

Photo courtesy

What a pumpkinhead

If you're a diehard Food Network viewer, you may have seen Ray Villafane kicking ass with his pumpkin carvings on Halloween Wars. The Queens native makes a living carving figurines for DC Comics, but around this time of year he opts for a fleshier medium.

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What I Did With My Wild Mushrooms From the New Amsterdam Market: Aborted Entoloma Frittata

Here's about $4 worth of the mushroom called "Snow Shrimp" on the blackboard, but whose real name is "Aborted Entolomas," according to a commenter.

Last week Fork in the Road covered the wild mushrooms being newly offered at the New Amsterdam Market. What an array it was, including many that had never been seen at retail in the city before, 14 varieties all told. I bought three types, and here's the first installment of what I did with them.

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VICE Munchies Is Back, and Peckish


VICE Munchies, the two-year-old Web series that has trained its lens on the likes of David Chang, Andrew Carmellini, Brooks Headley, and Hugue Dufour and Sarah Obraitis, has just kicked off a new season with an episode featuring Wylie Dufresne.

As per the series's usual format, the chef hangs out with his friends -- in this case, Sam Mason, Alex Stupak, and Christina Tosi -- eating stuff and riding around town in the back of a cab. Specifically, a karaoke cab. Milk Bar, wd~50, and Empellón all make appearances, as does Dufresne's opinion that frozen peas are more "pea-licious" than fresh ones. Ah, controversy. To see the episode and all previous episodes, go right on over here.

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Jamie Oliver Pulls a Thomas Keller and Installs Closed Circuit TV Cameras in His Kitchens

In what the British press is calling a "somewhat Orwellian move," Jamie Oliver is installing closed-circuit TV cameras in his restaurants throughout England.

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Floyd Cardoz Wants You to Move to Lower Manhattan

Floyd Cardoz: Downtown man.
Floyd Cardoz and Danny Meyer are featured in a new promotional video for Brookfield Office Properties, which owns the World Financial Center. The video is all about how awesome Battery Park City is -- or at least, how awesome it will be when the new Blue Smoke and North End Grill open in the fall. Even though it boils down to publicity for a realtor, we like seeing these two show their downtown pride.

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