Does the New Crown Heights Starbucks Threaten Small Neighborhood Businesses?

The Pulp and the Bean and its new neighbor, Starbucks.
The coffee tension brewing in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, started after Starbucks opened a new location right beside a four-year-old coffee shop, the Pulp and the Bean. Owner Tony Fisher is not necessarily scared of the competition. But he believes Starbucks will usher in even more commercial chains, causing the rent prices in the already expensive neighborhood to continue to soar. While Fisher appears visibly unfazed by Starbucks' presence, the anti-big-business slogans occasionally scrawled on chalkboards in front of his stores betray his fears about working next door to a corporate Goliath.

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Good Eggs Brings the Farmers' Market to Your Doorstep

Courtesy Good Eggs
San Francisco-based food startup Good Eggs wants to "grow and sustain local food systems worldwide." Luckily for New Yorkers, phase two of its plans for world domination brought it to Brooklyn. Under the direction of entrepreneurs Rob Spiro and Alon Savant, the company has evolved from two tech guys trying to figure out how to make more good food available to the masses into a multi-faceted operation that brings top-notch locally grown and produced food right to its customers' front doors in the Bay Area, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and New Orleans.

We caught up with Josh Morgenthau, who's the leader of the New York operation as well as the farmer behind Fishkill Farms, whose fare you can buy--where else?--on Good Eggs.

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Get a Taste of Vermont in Manhattan Tonight

There are few winter staples for non-meat eaters that approach the heartiness of vegetarian chili. The recipe is basic (beans, tomato sauce, and whatever vegetables you have around), the ingredients are cheap, the calories are low, and it lasts for days in the fridge, always running out before going bad. But while making a decent chili is easy, making an exceptional one is no easy feat. For those on the lookout for standout recipes for the bean-based dish, you might check out Tracey Medeiros' vegan chili, a recipe for which is in her new cookbook The Vermont Farm Table Cookbook.

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A Mega-Dumpling and an Eating Contest: Recollections From the 2013 New York Dumpling Festival

Categories: Food Beats

This past Saturday September 28, dumpling lovers, competitive eaters, and passersby feeding their doughy impulses gathered at the northernmost edge of Sara D. Roosevelt Park to celebrate the humble foodstuff's proud and global history. Sponsored by Brooklyn manufacturer Tang's Natural, Fairway Market, the Voice, and others, the 10th anniversary of this noble event expected to bring in thousands of dollars for the Food Bank For New York City.

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Happy Birthday Ignition: Let's All Bounce, Bounce, Bounce to R. Kelly's 11 Best Food Lyrics

Categories: Food Beats

Bounce, bounce, bounce.

R. Kelly's "Ignition (Remix)" celebrated its 10th birthday yesterday (which means the crooner is probably giving the song a second look right about now -- sorry!). The tune was one of Kelly's best, and helped convince exhausted party-goers everywhere to hit the hotel lobby before going home.

In honor of this modern anthem, we've gathered 11 of our favorite R.Kelly food lyrics. Some of these are a stretch, as Kelly isn't known for his culinary prose, but for the man who shoots a mid-song nod to Angela Lansbury, we'll let it slide.

No more hopin' and wishin', here's the list.

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