DIY: Cranberry Orange Relish Redux

All photos courtesy Brad Japhe
So the Big Meal is almost upon us. You're a Thanksgiving house guest and you haven't even prepared a dish to bring?! Of course not. Because procrastination is as American as Turkey Day itself. I know what you were thinking; just pick up a cheap bottle of wine or a six pack from the local bodega on the way. But you're better than that. Here's a last second dish that involves five minutes with a Cuisinart and a few ingredients that you possibly already have in your refrigerator. No fuss, no muss: Cranberry-Orange Relish Redux.

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Why Mark Bittman Thinks You Should Be a Part-Time Vegan -- Plus a Recipe

Derek Goodwin
"Being a little bit vegan might be like being a little bit pregnant," said Mark Bittman, whose The VB6 Cookbook came out on May 6. That evening, he appeared on a panel at a benefit for Farm Sanctuary, a non-profit that combats factory farming and operates sanctuaries where farm animals can live out their days. The event, called "Conscientious Table," outlined the consequences of our country's food system -- climate change, animal suffering, health crises -- that are undoubtedly grim, but the overall mood was optimistic. Change, the speakers agreed, is still possible, and Bittman's quasi-vegan approach may be one solution to a host of complicated issues.

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10 Ways to Be a NYC Restaurant Bad Boy (or Girl)

Thumbnail image for doordinestreetcredit.jpg
Courtesy Do or Dine via Facebook
Random area? Funky exterior? All can help boost your chef street credit.
We know: You went to culinary school hoping to woo ladiez (or dudez) with your chef skillz, didn't you? Unfortunately, now you've graduated, and all you have is a job where you bust your ass on the line only to hang up your Crocs and pass out on your couch, Tindr still open on your cell phone, Top Chef reruns playing on TV, and nary a drink invitation in sight. Cheer up: There's no guaranteed way to net and attain a legion of gastronomic fanboys and girls, but there are a few things new kitchen artists can do to help their chances of commanding the allegiance of the fooderati. Here are 10 ways to become a NYC bad boy (or girl).

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How Can We Improve Food Access in NYC?

Hannah Palmer Egan
Farmers' markets are often just blocks from food barren neighborhoods.
On Saturday, March 1, the 2014 TEDxManhattan: Changing the Way We Eat conference will descend on New York City, bringing together a panel of food experts who will speak on a number of eye-opening topics, from the history of food culture to sustainability efforts to eating crickets as a protein source. Viewing parties are planned around the country, and the aim, as always, is to spread ideas and ignite interest in these topics.

In anticipation of the event, we spoke with Baruch College professor Regina Bernard-Carreno about her upcoming TEDx presentation on food and race in New York City.

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What's the Prime New York Neighborhood for Valentine's Day?


If you're taking your sweetheart out for dinner tonight, chances are you're looking to spend big bucks and are heading to Lincoln Square. Well, at least that's what statistics say.

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Readers Share Thoughts on the Best Classic Diners and Luncheonettes in NYC

Tom's Restaurant
Zachary Feldman dropped a list of the 11 best classic diners and luncheonettes in NYC, tapping into spots that form the fabric of edible history in our city and, therefore, our collective nostalgia for an era ever in danger of passing as rents skyrocket. A number of readers weighed in on the list, adding spots and recounting memories.

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Statistical Proof That New Yorkers Are A-Holes When Compared With Midwesterners

401(K) 2013 via Flickr
New evidence confirms what we've always known: New Yorkers are the worst. It didn't take more than five seconds of being outside in last week's Polar Vortex to realize that going out to get food was not a viable option, so many hungry patrons across the country took to and (now combined delivery superpower Grubhub Seamless) to get their favorite noshes sent to their door -- but not all frozen delivery men and women were appreciated equally.

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Best Reader Comments on the Greenwich Village Gray's Papaya Shuttering

yosoynuts via Flickr
This week, Gray's Papaya shuttered its Sixth Avenue location, bringing the total number of its hot dog stands down to one (the outlet on 72nd and Broadway remains). Owner Nicholas Gray told Zachary Feldman that it was a rent-related decision: "They wanted to raise my rent to $50,000 from $30,000. We're always looking for corners, but they're hard to find."

Readers took the news with a mix of anger and sadness, befitting of a decades-old cheap eats institution that was a staple in the neighborhood.

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Why Pop-Up Restaurants Are Here to Stay

Courtesy Lucy Roux via Facebook
A poboy sandwich from Lucy Roux, a pop-up kitchen at D.B.A. Brooklyn
Though it's always disheartening to see an idea fail, it goes with the territory that trends in dining rarely last. The best you can hope for is that a concept you like has enough support and maintains a level of excellence so that it eventually becomes mainstream -- or at least neighborhood staple. Because of that, I've spent the better part of the year wondering when I might see the end of the pop-up dining craze. 2013 saw so many out-of-the-box temporary restaurants that it seemed the field might finally be saturated.

But somewhere between the dinner party that served multiple courses based on the concept of lettuce wraps and the highbrow guest chef dinners like Alex Stupak's Push Project, I reached a conclusion: I don't think it's going anywhere. And what's more, what was once considered a fad in the food and beverage world is now a serious game changer.

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Happy Thanksgiving! 50 Things We're Thankful For

Tejal Rao
Happy Thanksgiving...and Thanksgivukkah. Sometime today, amid the cooking, feasting, and napping, you'll likely reflect, if only for a moment, on the things that you're thankful for. Here at Fork, we're thankful every day for New York City restaurants, without which we'd have very little to cover. But in honor of the holiday, we've compiled a list of specific things for which we have extra gratitude this year.

Without further ado, we are thankful for...

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