Gift Guide 2014: 20 Holiday Gifts for Food-Obsessed New Yorkers

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Toast the holidays with local moonshine, the perfect wine for kale, Supreme espresso cups, and more.

Food-obsessed New Yorkers of a certain age may still long for Bud Fox's pasta maker in Wall Street, but for friends and relatives more Hannah Horvath than Daryl Hannah, we've scoured the city, assembling a score of delectable items guaranteed to impress on one night or eight.

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Gift Guide 2014: Five Best NYC-Based Cookbooks for the Holidays

Photos courtesy wikimedia commons author Ramchand Bruce Phagoo
If there's someone in your life that's looking to polish up their cooking skills, or even just boil water, a good cookbook can guide them along the way. So give them the gift of empowerment via a book. From cocktail recipes and carnivorous tomes to dessert canons and guides for beginners, here are the five best recently released cookbooks, from NYC-based authors, to purchase for the holidays.

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Where to Buy Local on Cyber Monday

Courtesy Bacchanal Sauce LLC via Facebook
Need a hot stocking stuffer? Why not check out Brooklyn's own Bacchanal Sauce?
Fork in the Road is publishing a series of local gift guides this year -- one from each regular contributor. Up first, this list from Billy Lyons.

The time has come to secure your swivel chair, break open a browser, and spend the entirety of your lunch hour (and possibly more) clicking "buy item" without remorse. Though the idea of Cyber Monday may seem impersonal, it's actually the perfect chance to try out some amazing local products made right here in New York. Some you might want to read. Some you might want to use. And others? Well some gifts are just meant to be unwrapped and eaten immediately. Here's a look at five unique holiday gift purveyors I'll be patronizing this year -- each of which may make you think twice about going for that flat screen in the window.

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Love Pizza? T-Shirt Helps You Become Pizza.

photo courtesy
The meat-bearing version

Yup, it's easy enough to broadcast your love of pizza by wearing a T-shirt that advertises your favorite parlor with an slogan or maybe a crude picture of a slice. There are even T-shirts that show an entire photo-realistic pie in convincing detail. But the above shirt, being flogged by the website, would allow you to lie down on a giant pie and blend in perfectly.

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A Handheld Espresso Machine for Your Car?

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The Handpresso -- yes, that is someone squeezing out an espresso with his bare hands.
According to an anecdotal survey conducted by the Times' Oliver Strand, Americans don't really drink straight espresso anymore. Most of owners of his favorite NYC coffee shops say that straight espresso accounts for about 5 percent of the coffee they sell, he wrote in the Times last week. If you are part of this coffee minority that likes a freshly brewed, kick-in-the-butt espresso, we've got the perfect gadget for you.

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Kuhn Rikon Animal-Print Knives Now on Woot

For sale today on Woot -- the crazy website that offers one surprise item for sale each day, for one day only -- Swiss Kuhn Rikon knives in animal-skin prints.

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Murray's Cheese Shop: The Spot for Valentine's Day Gifts for Cheese Lovers

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Some ladies want chocolate and roses for Valentine's Day; others want cheese. Murray's Cheese Shop is now selling Swiss-style cooking utensils from a Dutch brand called Boska that you can use for a cheesy, romantic dinner for two.

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What Gals Really Want for Valentine's Day: Luxury Chocolates

Mast Brothers
Williamsburg's taciturn Mast Brothers know just what I'm talking about.

This time of year always presents a dilemma for straight boys and gay girls: how to celebrate Valentine's Day -- the only holiday focused on carnal love and desire --
with your significant other?

Taking her out to dinner is traditional, but in NYC it's also expensive and nonproductive: The hottest restaurants are featuring pricey prix fixes, which often represent shorter menus with fewer choices, and punishing markups. What's more, these packed places often possess deafening noise levels, making romantic conversation impossible.

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Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Foodie Significant Other

This just might be a good gift for your BF who refuses to wear an apron -- and walks around at his own dinner party covered with tidbits of the food he just cooked ...

Valentine's Day -- or, more accurately, St. Valentine's Day, named after a whole slew of early Christian martyrs named Valentine -- is coming at us like a steamroller and you'd better be prepared. It's one of those candy holidays, to be sure, like Easter and Halloween, but rather than give a heart-shaped box of candy, why not be more creative?

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With Love, From Brooklyn Feeds the Internet With Brooklyn-Born Edibles

With Love, From Brooklyn
Bites from the BK

Bklyn Larder and the Brooklyneer might be one-stop shops for all edibles hailing from Brooklyn, but now non-New Yorkers can get their hands on the best of the borough. A new website called With Love, From Brooklyn sells all the twee foods the borough has become known for. "I just launched the site in mid-December," explains founder Dara Furlow. "I am completely food-obsessed and love visiting the Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg as well as local gourmet shops like Choice Greene, the Greene Grape, and Bedford Cheese Shop. I realized that there was an emerging movement of artisan producers who really care about what they're making and are totally pushing the envelope with unique flavors." Since many of these products were only available in New York, she decided to start a company to ship these foods nationwide.

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