Two More Days to Get to These Holiday Pop-Ups -- Which Is Worth It?

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All photos by Billy Lyons
Gingerbread BLVD at Madison Square Park
"Text if you want to vote for Peppermint Place," the sign says. That would be the gingerbread house that looks like all the rest except it's got a peppermint swirl for a roof. You could also vote for the Cinnamon Shack or Cocoa Cottage, though the creative differences in houses that make up Gingerbread BLVD are so minimal, you'd swear you've landed in a cookie version of a retirement village in Boca Raton.

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All We Want for Christmas Are These New Trends in NYC Dining

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Balaboosta via Facebook
Dear Santa: More Middle Eastern, please.
We celebrated Festivus by airing our grievances, noting a bevy of overcooked culinary trends we hope wane with the dwindling days of December. Now, as we get ready to celebrate Christmas, we're asking that fat, jolly man in the red suit to bring us something delicious to replace what we're losing. Here's our wish list of things we hope to see in Big Apple dining come 2014.

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Ten Spots to Dine on Christmas Day

Courtesy Agozar Cuban Bistro
Want to get away for a holiday? Try Agozar's Cuban Christmas Menu
Whether a kitchen disaster foils your Christmas dinner plans or you're just looking for a nice meal out for your day off, you might check in on these ten restaurants, all spots that are keeping the light on for Christmas Day.

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Where to Buy Local on Cyber Monday

Courtesy Bacchanal Sauce LLC via Facebook
Need a hot stocking stuffer? Why not check out Brooklyn's own Bacchanal Sauce?
Fork in the Road is publishing a series of local gift guides this year -- one from each regular contributor. Up first, this list from Billy Lyons.

The time has come to secure your swivel chair, break open a browser, and spend the entirety of your lunch hour (and possibly more) clicking "buy item" without remorse. Though the idea of Cyber Monday may seem impersonal, it's actually the perfect chance to try out some amazing local products made right here in New York. Some you might want to read. Some you might want to use. And others? Well some gifts are just meant to be unwrapped and eaten immediately. Here's a look at five unique holiday gift purveyors I'll be patronizing this year -- each of which may make you think twice about going for that flat screen in the window.

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Is Commercially Mass-Produced Eggnog Unhealthy?

Irish moss seaweed -- is there a little of this in your packaged eggnog?
When you want some eggnog this time of year, all you have to do is reach into the refrigerator case at your local supermarket or bodega and Bam! You've got some delicious eggnog. But are commercially produced products, even organic ones, always good for you? The Wisconsin-based organic agriculture think tank Cornucopia Institute doesn't think so.

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Here's How to Make Popcorn-Ball Snowmen (at Work!)

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Forgot to buy your coworker a holiday gift? Don't sweat it. Gotham Inc. has put together a tutorial showing you how to make a Popcorn Ball Snowman out of microwave popcorn and candy bars stolen from "the desk of that girl in the office who hoards chocolate." There is a bit of assembly required, so "roll up your sleeves" because, at one point or another, "you may feel as though you're shoveling shit."

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Eight Questions You Have Every Right To Ask About Eggnog

There are two nogs in this picture, see if you can find them.

[Every day this week, FiTR will be offering posts about eggnog, the quintessence of Christmas as a food holiday. There will be recipes and reminiscences, and the occasional cautionary tale. This is the first installment.]

1. What's a "nog" anyway?

"Nog" is one of those Germanic words lost in the fog, attributed to Anglo-Saxon by Webster's, but sounding a little more Scandinavian, say, Old Norse. In fact, it's easy to imagine Leif Erickson and his merry band drinking a warm batch of eggnog made with sheep's milk before hopping on the boat to discover America.

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Gingerbread Goes Science Fiction & Fantasy

A picture perfect replica of the All Terrain Armored Transport Vehicle from Star Wars done in gingerbread

Tired of the usual gingerbread houses studded with gumdrops, and fairy tale castles covered in white, jism-like frosting? Well, here's a new collection of structures made of inedibly dry gingerbread cookies that the rest of us can get behind, especially sci-fi and fantasy fans.

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Handy Guide to FiTR Xmas Coverage, Including Last-Minute Gift Suggestions

This year, Fork in the Road pulled out all the stops in our Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa coverage, giving you hints on where to shop and what gifts to buy, and examining holiday rituals from a cynical point of view. Here is a guide to our coverage, in case you haven't had enough of the holidays already.

Lauren Shockey gave us tips on what to eat when exploring the innumerable pop-up holiday markets, at Union Square, Bryant Park, Columbus Circle, and the South Street Seaport. Those shopping areas are all open today, by the way, for last-minute gift acquisition.

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Pig in a Box, Gift Suggestion #15

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Lauren Bloomberg
Ham: The gift that keeps on giving.
We've practically force-fed you gift ideas this year (including this and this), but if you haven't gotten off the couch you're pretty much S.O.L. Unless, that is, the one you love would rather get a hunk of expensive meat than a chunk of pricey jewels.

A perfect leg of Prosciutto de Parma is as elusive as a colorless, inclusion-free, diamond. It's a present that's part cooking project, part status symbol -- think of all of the admiration you'll get from the co-workers when you tell them you schlepped a leg of ham around Manhattan. Wrap it in a fancy gift box. Present it with a morsa (that fancy contraption you strap the leg into for easy slicing) or pick up a Berkel slicer if you have an extra $15,000+ left over in your gift budget.

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