Food Can Be Used To Sell Almost Anything

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Christian Louboutin uses fish hooks and $2 cans of sardines to sell shoes that can run as high as $1,400 per pair. What does it mean?

We may be in the Age of Foodism's twilight, and one of the signs is the outmigration of food imagery into every other field, in many cases used for its positive appeal in order to sell emphatically non-edible products. If you can make your customer's mouth water, then the sale is apparently made, even if it's just shoes or hardware. Just ask yourself, would a supermarket put blouses in the window to advertise groceries? Here are some recent food-related shop windows FiTR has encountered, and thoroughly enjoyed.

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Does TD Bank Owe a Debt to Midtown Lunch?

One of a series of subway teaser ads by TD Bank

I was hurrying toward the R train at Elmhurst Avenue with a group of friends - having just eaten a belt-busting Sichuan meal - when I spotted an ad on the mezzanine level. It was a subway billboard for TD Bank ("TD" stands for "Toronto-Dominion"), and it seemed to claim foodie cred by referring to a rather obscure ethnic snack: a Moroccan kofta sandwich served from a truck.

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Weirdest Food Truck Ever? The Distinction Belongs to SF

Tracy Van Dyk
The truck can usually be found parked in San Francisco's Knob Hill

NYC has certainly got lots of unusual food trucks, peddling predictable sorts of fusion and just plain odd combinations of ingredients. We've got a couple that merge Korean and Mexican, while another mixes Mexican and barbecue. We have even have one that offers pulled pork atop a Belgian waffle. But, alas, we have San Francisco to thank for coming up with what is perhaps the strangest food combination of all: Irish and Eritrean.

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Funny Food Teaches Parents to Get Creative With Breakfast

Funny Food, Bill and Claire Wurtzel
A pair of New York educators think they have the answer to the question of how to get kids to eat healthy breakfasts and snacks. Forget for a moment that nobody has quite figured out what "healthy" means, and that the definition of "healthy" changes daily.

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Realistic Hamburger Hat and Seven Other Useless Gifts Aimed at Foodies

What happens when the hamburger on your hat looks much better than the hamburger you're eating?

Predictably, East Village favorite gift and T-shirt store Alphabets (115 Avenue A, 212-475-7250) has been accumulating food-themed gag gifts over the last couple of years. But do you really want to give one of these to your foodie friends, who'd probably prefer a paring knife or handsome pot holder?

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Nine Things You Probably Wouldn't Want to Eat At Guy Fieri's Restaurant Tex Wasabi's

We're sick of Guy Fieri (real name: Guy Ramsay Ferry). The television personality manufactured on the second season of The Next Food Network Star might double as a Barnum & Bailey clown. Yet he is now one of the country's most recognizable celebrity chefs.

If you want to see how "bad" he really is (a word he uses to mean "good" so often, you could play a drinking game based on it), take a look at the menu of any restaurant he owns.

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