After 30 Years, Ciao Bella Makes Gelato the Good Old-Fashioned Way

Caio Bella via Facebook
Gelato ladies at Caio Bella's 30th Anniversary Party earlier this month

Back in 1983, when Little Italy was still a neighborhood, Ciao Bella began scooping gelato on Mott Street, and it's been a fixture there ever since. And just weeks ago, it celebrated 30 years in business with a free gelato party at the Old School on Mott. That's a major milestone, so we caught up with CEO Carlos Canals to chat about his company and how the ice cream business has changed since Ciao Bella's humble beginnings.

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Fork in the Road's Frozen Treat Fortnight: The Last Round-Up

For the last two weeks, Fork in the Road has chased down some of the city's best ice creams, gelatos, icies, paletas, sorbets and sherbets, iced pops, frozen yogurts, soft-serves, and frozen-pudding pops. We've examined new technologies and new flavors; we've praised and made fun of.

Following is a recap of our efforts, in case you missed some of the posts. Just click on the caption and you'll be whisked away to the piece in the picture. Thanks for reading!

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In Which We Buy Bocce's Bakery Doggie Ice Cream and Eat It

Rebecca Marx

We ate a lot of ice cream during our Frozen Treats Fortnight, but only one tasted like dog food.

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Victory Garden's Goat's Milk Soft Serve Reigns Triumphant

Rebecca Marx

Although Culture just barely edged out Victory Garden in Our 10 Best New Frozen Treats' soft-serve category, we still count the latter's goat's milk ice cream as one of the summer's new highlights.

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Our 10 Best New Frozen Treats

Rebecca Marx
A big, fat ice cream sandwich from Coolhaus

Come the end of May or thereabouts, we more or less live on a diet of frozen dairy and other icy foodstuffs. It's part Darwinian survival strategy and part hedonistic appreciation for anything that can be eaten from a cone -- preferably one answering to "waffle." And this summer has thus far presented an abundance of frozen treats previously unseen in New York's history.

Between the gourmet popsicles, self-pasteurized organic ice cream, shaved ice, ice cream sandwiches, Thai sorbets, Big Easy Sno-Balls, idiosyncratically flavored gelato, gay soft-serve, and "individual-sized" ice cream cakes, New York has finally become a decent ice cream town, one that we're beginning to hope may one day rival Boston or San Francisco. And so without further ado, we celebrate this new bounty -- even as we reach gratefully for our Lactaid pills.

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My Secret But Nameless Nestle Frozen Treat

The Nestlé Whatever-It-Is

Even the most die-hard foodie must sometimes stoop to eating lowbrow mass-market food products, often with relish. Thus, every once in a while I sneak into a Burger King and eat a Whopper, not only to "keep it real," but just because I have a dirty desire to eat Whoppers.

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Peels, Hester Street, and New Amsterdam Promise Many Frozen Treats This Weekend

Rebecca Marx
If, unlike us, you have not eaten your weight in ice cream this week, then you may be interested to know that this weekend will present numerous opportunities to consume it.

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Four Great Contemporary Songs About Ice Cream

Sarah McLachlan, "Ice Cream"

Ice cream's great, not only to eat but to sing about, as well. As a metaphor for love, the frozen treat is unsurpassed -- it's cold, it warms up, it melts, and it's gone. Here are four of our favorite Love = Ice Cream songs.

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Battle of the Fancy(ish) Black and White Milkshakes: Stand vs. BLT Burger

Lauren Shockey
Stand on the left, BLT Burger on the right

Over the past fortnight, we've been looking at some of the frozen delights that New York City has to offer. We've tried gelato and soft-serve, icy Asian delights, and good ole ice cream sandwiches. But we haven't yet examined the beverage of the frozen treat world: milkshakes.

Milkshakes are awesome because they basically let you eat dessert before you've finished your meal. Take that, Mom! But then there's the eternal dilemma: chocolate or vanilla? But luckily God created the black and white, combining chocolate and vanilla. But it's a tricky one to pull off without ending up too chocolaty or too vanilla-ish. So for this week's Battle of the Dishes, we went to Stand and nearby burger counterpart BLT Burger for a Battle of the Fancy(ish) Black and White Milkshakes.

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Paletas by Fany Gerson: Prepare Your Palates for Frozen Delight

paletas cover.jpg
Ten Speed Press
All you need on a hot summer day
Having conquered traditional ice pops with Charity Ferreira's Perfect Pops, today we shall look specifically at the Mexican ice pop, otherwise known as the paleta. Fany Gerson, the owner of La Newyorkina, has just released a cookbook of her own celebrating the genre -- Paletas: Authentic Recipes for Mexican Ice Pops, Shaved Ice & Aguas Frescas. If you're searching for cold treats from south of the border, this is the book for you.

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