How to Eat Your Way Around 18th Avenue in Bensonhurst

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All photos Sara Ventiera for the Village Voice
It's a trek to take the D or N train down to Bensonhurst, but it's worth doing occasionally, because you'll eat well. With a diverse ethnic backdrop, the area has plenty to offer in terms of tasting multiple cuisines in one tour. While there are plenty of streets worth checking out, 18th Avenue offers a strong mix of Italian and Chinese cuisines within the confines of just a few blocks — it's like Little Italy and Chinatown moved to Brooklyn and had a baby. Here's a guide to eating your way around the 18th Avenue N stop.

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At Astoria's El Rey, There's Mexican Food for Everyone

Scarlett Lindeman for the Village Voice
El Rey (2521 Astoria Boulevard, Queens, 718-545-2292) is a Mexican restaurant in Astoria, Queens. There are elevated red banquettes you have to step up into; these squishy booths make drinking buckets of miniature Coronas easier, even when it's cold outside. The twinkling Christmas lights bounce off mirrors emblazoned with Victoria logos, and there is a framed painting of a farm girl tending to a newborn calf who looks a little too pleased by the animal's wet tongue swiping her face.

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Market Watch: Mas (farmhouse) and Almanac Chef Galen Zamarra Tracks the Seasons

Courtesy Almanac
When Galen Zamarra first opened Mas (farmhouse) (39 Downing Street, 212-255-1790) in 2004, he dreamed of building a menu with locally sourced ingredients. At the time, though, it wasn't so easy. "There was no infrastructure for a local food system then," he says. "The Greenmarket's been around for a long time, but the Greenmarket can be pretty limited. Even local dairy — the fact that you can get it on a restaurant level is pretty new."

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UPDATED: A Comprehensive Guide to Juno Snow Day Specials and Open NYC Bars and Restaurants

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The Meatball Shop via Facebook
#Juno is bearing down on the city, and that means it's time to hunker down, check your flashlight batteries, and stock up on food and, more importantly, booze. Do all that, then go take advantage of one of these snow-day food and drink specials being offered up by friendly neighborhood restaurants.

Oh, and we'll continue to update this post, so keep checking back for specials. And if you hear about a deal, let us know on Facebook or Twitter, or in the comments.

Last updated January 27, 2015, at 1:54 p.m.

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This Knife for Hire: The Genesis of Greenpoint Bistro Le Fond Was a Case of Culinary Matchmaking

All photos by Bradley Hawks for the Village Voice
On the sort of dark winter's night tailor-made for a pulp paperback, I came to a crossroads in central Greenpoint. The sky melted with swirling clouds, a meteorological metaphor, perhaps, for the neighborhood's old-school Polish residents adapting to their changing environment.

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Khemistry Bar's Vegan Burger Started as a Customer Suggestion

Vegan burger at Khemistry Bar | Tara Mahadevan
Bed-Stuy's new Khemistry Bar (216 Malcolm X Boulevard, Brooklyn, 347-715-6458) is a long-planned venture for chef and owner Shana Cooper-Silas, who came to New York by way of Miami and Chicago. She studied at the Le Cordon Bleu in Chicago — specializing in French and Belizean cuisine — and finally moved to Brooklyn with her family five years ago to pursue a full-time culinary career. She opened Khemistry Bar on New Year's Eve to a packed house.

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Dominique Ansel Opening Made-to-Order Bakery Concept This Spring

Daniel Krieger
Pastry virtuoso Dominique Ansel is at it again. And no, it's not a new crazy dessert combination. The chef is, instead, intermingling his innovative bakery with the operations of a restaurant kitchen. Dominique Ansel Kitchen (137 Seventh Avenue South) will be bringing made-to-order desserts and pastries to the West Village sometime late spring.

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Super Bowl Semi-Indifference and a Recipe for Chili

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Jonathan Roberts for the Village Voice
So it turns out that even though not a single one of my friends has any interest in football whatsoever, they all have very serious opinions as to what we should be eating while we watch the Super Bowl.

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2015 Super Bowl Party Takeout Food Power Rankings

Will Engelmann
Uma Temakeria
After three rounds of notably controversial playoff games, the stage for Super Bowl XLIX is set. While substantial fan populations of New York have opted to block out the memories from the season (and in some cases, opted not to form them at all), New Yorkers will take any opportunity to congregate over food and beverage on what is often annually the most viewed television event in America and the second largest day for food consumption.

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Head to Bensonhurst for Dirt-Cheap Hand-Pulled Noodles

All photos Sara Ventiera for the Village Voice
House special combo ($7.50)
NYC has a million options for cheap Chinese — one could find a decent bowl of noodles or dumplings on nearly any block in some neighborhoods. But few inexpensive noodles are as inspiring as those found at Hand Pull Noodle & Dumpling House (7201 18th Avenue, Brooklyn; 718-232-6191) in Bensonhurst, where you'll find an excellent assortment of fare for well under $10.

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