The Distilled-Beer Program at the Owl Farm Bar in Park Slope Is Unlike Anything in NYC

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Brad Japhe for the Village Voice
Beer Distillates at the Owl Farm
There are many reasons to fall in love with the Owl Farm (297 9th Street, Brooklyn; 718-499-4988). Centered in the heart of Park Slope's energetic 9th Street, it makes the most of its prime location, offering a cozy interior with comfortable seating and exposed-brick façades, an eclectic cross-section of craft beer and spirits, and pinball machines. It's even dog-friendly. Yet these attributes are common to many a Brooklyn-based watering hole. To set his bar apart, managing partner Steven Baird compiled a distilled beers program unlike anything else in the city.

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City Kitchen: New Food Hall Opening in Times Square Next Week

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Rendering courtesy City Kitchen
Whether owing to the desire to eat multiple cuisines at once or nostalgia for teen years spent hanging around mall food courts, food markets have been a growing trend among adults recently, with the addition of spots like Gotham West Market, Smorgasburg, Berg'n, and more. Even Anthony Bourdain has one on the way. As of next week, though, City Kitchen (700 Eighth Avenue) is the new food hall on the block, bringing with it a slew of eateries in one open space.

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Five Places to Find Hamantaschen for Purim

Sara Ventiera for the Village Voice
You're probably still getting over the indulgence of Fat Tuesday, but there's another religious holiday on the way that is begging you to consume some more baked goods. Next Wednesday, March 4, marks the start of Purim, and the Jewish holiday is known for prizing some sweet treats to commemorate (that are definitely worth trying regardless of religious affiliation). They're called hamantaschen, and here's what you need to know and where to find them for the holiday.

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Recipe: Stop Ignoring Rum So You Can Enjoy a Kingston Negroni and Daiquiri No. 3

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Courtesy Khe-Yo
Kingston Negroni

Jorge Mendez, bartender at Khe-Yo (157 Duane Street; 212-587-1089), has Death & Co. to thank for finding his preferred cocktail. Shortly after helping open Barclay Bar in Midtown East, Mendez and his bar manager headed downtown to the East Village cocktail lair for a night out — though when you're a bartender, a night out is always an opportunity to discover something new you can use down the line.

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Order the Bone-Warming Chilate de Pollo at Antojitos Mexicanos

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Photos by Scarlett Lindeman for the Village Voice
Though it operates with little fanfare, Antojitos Mexicanos (107 Graham Avenue, Brooklyn; 718-384-9076), a restaurant on Graham Avenue in Williamsburg, is never empty. There's always a handful of families dining together, sharing quesadillas, sipping cinnamon-laced horchata, the spot serving as a cheap respite in a neighborhood of perpetually rising rents.

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Whisky Live at Chelsea Piers Tomorrow

Brad Japhe for the Village Voice
Tasting Glenmorangie at Whisky Live

Whether or not you spell it with an E, Whisky Live is a dream come true for any lover of the brown spirit of life. A tasting show that travels the globe over the course of the year, the three-and-a-half-hour event parks itself at Chelsea Piers tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. With over 300 whiskies — including small-batch bourbons, single-malt scotches, and Japanese rarities — the only drawback is having to deal with work on Thursday.

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An Early Taste of Loi Estiatorio in Midtown

All photos Sara Ventiera for the Village Voice
Paidaikia ($42)
The Martha Stewart of Greece, Maria Loi, is on her way to creating her own Greek empire. The official Ambassador of Greek Gastronomy recently opened her latest self-titled eatery, Loi Estiatorio (132 West 58th Street; 212-713-0015), in the midtown space that once housed Michelin-starred Seäsonal. But that's not all the celebrity chef has on her plate; she's currently working on additional restaurants, cookware, and her own line of Greek products that will soon hit grocery store shelves.

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Sample From 68 NYC Restaurants at the Village Voice's 2015 Choice Eats Event

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Thumbnail image for tuomeporkfortwo.jpg
Bradley Hawks for the Village Voice
A dish from Tuome, one of the restaurants that will be at Choice Eats
We've got just a few Choice Eats tickets left, and trust us, you want to pick them up: We've just finalized the lineup of restaurants that will be serving food at our annual tasting event, and it's, well, killer. No, but seriously. Have a look.

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Daily Bread: How Bien Cuit Is Shaking Up the Baking Industry

Courtesy Bien Cuit
I'm following Zach Golper through his U-shaped wholesale bakery in Sunset Park, learning about how Bien Cuit mixes, ferments, and bakes its bread and pastries, when he drops a recommendation that shatters everything I thought I knew about eating bread. "Don't eat bread fresh out of the oven," he says. "Let it sit and cool, so that the gas dissipates into the crumb and locks in the scent and aroma." Some breads are even better on day two, he says, when the crust is no longer crackly. I press him and his wife/business partner, Kate Wheatcroft, further about how they enjoy bread, and they tell me to tear hunks off the loaf ("Don't slice," says Golper) and eat them with a little cultured butter.

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One-Two Lunch: With Lan Larb, New York's Thai-Food Queen Expands Her Reach

All photos by Bradley Hawks for the Village Voice
Coated and pulsing with chiles and mint, the feathery crumbles of catfish radiate heat, flashing sourness and funk from lime juice and fish sauce. A similar flavor assault waged on three preparations of pork (ground, grilled and sliced, and fried crisp) testifies to the technique's versatility. Supported by shallots, cilantro, and roasted rice powder, such aggressive seasoning showcases the spices of the Isan region of northeast Thailand, with every bite crackling between extremes of taste and texture. Born in Laos and both adopted and adapted by northern Thailand, the minced-meat salads known as larb (or laap) serve as the mascots for Lan Larb, a duo of casual restaurants that opened last fall in Soho and midtown.

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