Looking for Healthy Restaurants Near You? There's an App for That

Greenhopping via Facebook
Locate green juice and other healthy food via GreenHopping
At the age of 22, Catherine Cuello was in the midst of a health crisis, and it took her doctors a long time -- and several misdiagnoses -- to figure out what was wrong. She was stressed, and she decided to completely transform her life. Cuello quit her job, changed her eating habits, took time to travel, and began to pursue passion projects. One of those aims to help others institute healthy changes, as well: Cuello built and her fiance Alfred Fuente built GreenHopping, an app that utilizes users' smartphone GPS to track down healthy food in the area.

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Have an Early Taste of the Greenmarket Food at Irvington

Courtesy Irvington
"What else would you cook in a restaurant on the edge of a greenmarket?" asks Scott Gerber, the brains behind a coterie of hotspots including Kingside, and now, Irvington (201 Park Avenue South, 212-677-0425). "Our vegetables come from the market, our eggs, our butter. That's what dictates the menu: what looks great on the stall across the street."

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This Weekend's Five Best Food and Drink Events in NYC

Categories: Events

Jeremy Keith/Flickr
Like mozzarella? Your opinion is needed this weekend.
It's Friday and a weekend full of opportunities awaits. Here are five of the best eating and drinking events taking place over the next two days.

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Tap Into Brooks Headley's Punk Rock Approach to Life and Dessert

All images courtesy W.W. Norton
Brooks Headley heads the dessert program at one of NYC's best and most expensive restaurants, Del Posto. He recently released a cookbook. But if you're imagining a volume that evokes images of rolling vineyards in the Tuscan countryside or strawberries ripening on the bush, think again. The James Beard Award winner is a former punk drummer, and his book, Brooks Headley's Fancy Desserts, explores his ascent into culinary stardom through the lens of a young punk.

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No Distillery, No Problem: Why You Should Buy Whiskey Without a Corporate Legend

Brad Japhe for the Village Voice
Barrell Whiskey Batch 001 and Barrell Bourbon Batch 004
So there's this dirty, not-so-little secret in the whiskey industry involving production and bottling: A large majority of so-called craft spirits aged in the barrel aren't actually distilled by the folks whose name you see on the label. That means many celebrated small-batch brands are little more than pretty bottlers. This fact has been well documented, yet it continues to shock many a drinker.

Now, does this make these products inferior? Absolutely not. In fact, with Barrell Bourbon, a strong case can be made for just the opposite. And unlike others, which sell a misleading story on the label to cloak the origins of what lies beneath, Barrell is straightforward with the consumer. It's not selling you a story, just a damn fine whiskey, and its newest release just hit shelves earlier this month.

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Here's a Taste of the East Village's Pardon My French

Thumbnail image for rsz_bonemarrowpmf.jpg
All photos by Billy Lyons for the Village Voice
Thyme-roasted bone marrow with baguette
You'll pour your own wine at Pardon My French (103 Avenue B; 212-358-9683), a restaurant from Brazilian-French chef Guilherme Barreto — the restaurant serves via an old tradition called à la ficelle: a method of wine payment that counts how many glasses you've consumed using a knotted string.

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Where to Find the Fried Chicken Chef David Standridge Fell For on a Recent Day Off

Lauren J. Kaplan
Fried Chicken at Root & Bone
At Café Clover in the West Village (10 Downing Street, 212-675-4350), chef David Standridge makes decadent food that's somehow easy on the waistline: a sweet potato, shiitake, and pumpkin seed salad; an entrée of cauliflower "steak" with romesco; and an almond-milk panna cotta dessert. But when he found himself with a few hours to spare recently, he strayed from the healthy and went for full-on fried comfort: the bucket of bird and trimmings at Root & Bone (200 East 3rd Street, 646-682-7076) by chefs Jeff McInnis and Janine Booth.

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Here's a Bright Glimmer of Good Mexican Food in Midtown

Photos by Scarlett Lindeman for the Village Voice
Tacos Grand Central (153 East 43rd Street, 212-867-5545) sits in a narrow stand slipped in between a Subway and a Lotto & Scratcher store in the shadow of Grand Central Station. It opened just two months ago, a bright glimmer of Mexican food in a midtown dominated by burrito chains and the occasional immigrant-run taco cart.

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How to Make the Sazerac and the Tommy's Margarita, Two American Cocktail Treasures

Information of New Orleans/Flickr
Chris Skillern is a Texan at heart, which is what attracted him to the newly opened Javelina (119 East 18th Street; 212-539-0202), which focuses on Tex-Mex cuisine. However, when the general manager — who can often be seen behind the bar fixing up drinks — isn't feeling a thematically appropriate margarita (one made with agave and not triple sec), he leans on an old New Orleans invention for comfort: the sazerac.

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Where to Find Vegetarian Venezuelan

Patacon Pisao via Facebook
Patacon Pisao (85-22 Grand Avenue, Elmhurst; 718-899-8922) began as a food truck on 202nd Street in Washington Heights, outside the dance clubs and bars, and it became a solid late-night move for drunk clubgoers. In the beginning, the menu was centered around protein-based options like beef and pork — mostly because the truck was serving a primarily Dominican neighborhood — but as the years went on, customers began asking for vegetarian options. The menu soon expanded.

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