Winter Is Coming: Stay Warm With a Coffee Cocktail

Brad Japhe
Biting cold in November is no fun, but tequila sure is. If the national spirit of Mexico makes you think of warm sandy beaches and summertime margaritas, allow coffee to reconfigure your expectations.

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Downtown Italian Aims to Re-Create the Experience of West Village Spots at Home

All photos courtesy Baltz & Company
Gabe and Katherine Thompson with Joe Campanale
After a random meeting through a mutual friend, chefs Gabe and Katherine Thompson hit it off -- as you may have surmised from the joint last name. Shortly after meeting Gabe, Katherine was approached by her former colleagues Joe Campanale and August Cardona; they were opening a restaurant and wanted her to be the executive chef. She had no desire. Katherine, however, suggested Gabe try out for the position. He applied and conducted tastings. The day before he was supposed to accept another job, he was offered the position at Dell'Anima (38 Eighth Avenue; 212-366-6633).

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An Early Taste of Andrew Carmellini's Sustainable Fare at Little Park

All photos Sara Ventiera
The interior of Andrew Carmellini's Little Park (85 West Broadway; 212-220-4110) gives off the same natural feel as the food. Warm oak booths are wrapped in neutral variegated fabric. The whitewashed ceiling is softened with a rectangular cut-out of draped cream cloth. Subdued lighting highlights the marble-topped bar.

The latest addition to the Noho Hospitality Group empire, set in the base of the Smyth Hotel, the eatery focuses on spotlighting seasonal ingredients with Carmellini's longtime provisioners. Chef de cuisine Min Kong oversees daily operations, putting together a Mediterranean-inspired menu that's healthy, sustainable, and equally gratifying. Spanning from coastal Spain and France to North Africa and Turkey, it's filled with feel-good items, like grass-fed beef, free-range poultry, line-caught fish, heirloom grains, and organic vegetables.

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Things to Be Thankful for and a Recipe for Pumpkin Showstopper Pavlova

Categories: Recipes

Jonathan Roberts
In this column, Katherine Knowles divulges recipes you can make in your tiny New York City kitchen. Check out more of her recipes in our archives.

So, incredibly, the spacecraft Rosetta caught up with speeding comet 67P and dropped a probe that is, as of right now, digging for information that could reveal the secrets of the origins of life on Earth.

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Totto Ramen's Paitan Is Less Than $10

Photo courtesy Totto Ramen
If you've ever been broke, instant ramen has most likely been an integral part of your diet. It's flavorful (gotta love that MSG), filling, and you can get six meals for, like, a dollar. But over the past decade or so, the ramen scene in NYC has exploded, so you're excused if you can no longer imagine water, noodles, and a packet as a dish. Of course, the real thing costs a heck of a lot more money -- some places charge upwards of $16 a bowl. Totto Ramen (366 West 52nd Street; 212-582-0052), on the other hand, offers its paitan for less than $10.

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The 10 Best Alt Turkey Dinners in NYC

Categories: America

Cafe El Presidente
Turkey is not a flippant foul. It requires a certain amount of patience and gravitas to set a table, sharpen carving knives, and pour gravy in preparation for a Thanksgiving feast. But what happens if the one annual shot at poultry perfection is foiled by a careless cousin burning the bird to a toasty char? Or that brazen grandmother who insists on plunking it into a deep-fat frier? Another holiday ruined by insufficient fare. Unless you live in New York City, where the turkey options are far from few. Skip the family drama and that basic brined bird and instead pick up one of these 10 non-traditional turkey choices. There are classic sandwiches reinvented, and gussied up turkey a little farther off center. If the big T-day doesn't live up to expectations, there's plenty of turkey to be gobbled around the city.

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This Week's Five Best Food Events

Categories: Events

Courtesy The Water Table/Facebook
Celebrate Thanksgiving on a boat this Thursday

Make the holiday work week go by even quicker by focusing your efforts on these five delicious gatherings.

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Beer of the Week: A Toast Before the Roast

Thanksgiving is the pinnacle of American traditions, no doubt. Stuff your face, watch football, pass out in a tryptophan-induced food coma before the nightly news. With so much awesomeness at hand, finding the appropriate ale to mark the occasion is a daunting task. Sure, the craft beer scene is awash in autumn-inspired offerings. It would be easy to pick any number of bottles stuffed with pumpkin spice and move on to food preparation. But you're better than that. You need a beer that fires on all cylinders; something that tells any number of stories. Shapeshifter Scotch Ale is here for you.

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Momo Crawl 2014: Is the Momo Ready to Go Mainstream?

Photo courtesy Brian Yarvin/Flickr
Momos. A delicious way to beat the cold -- especially when they're only a buck
Judging by the 650-plus people who RSVP'd for the momo crawl this Saturday, it appears that the era of the momo is very much upon us. This is the third year of the $1 dumpling event -- which encompasses 17 locations in the Himalayan-heavy community of Jackson Heights -- and word is spreading quickly thanks to the work of Queens food tour guide and writer Jeff Orlick.

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Want to Learn a Sherry Lesson? Head to Donostia

Categories: Drink Up

All photos by Rob Christensen
I drank a lot of sherry over the course of the last year or so, but until a couple of nights ago, the category was a blind spot in my booze education -- I had very little idea what I was doing when I ordered. But earlier this week, I stopped in to Donostia (155 Avenue B, 646-256-9773), the Basque pintxos restaurant on Avenue B, which, according to bar manager Will Peet (who also tends bar at Nomad), has the third largest sherry collection in the country.

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