Frites 'n' Meats Hopes to Return to the Streets Next Week

Almost three months after its propane tank exploded and injured two people, the Frites 'n' Meats truck is almost ready to get back on the road.

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Food Trucks Have Now Been Appropriated by the Solar Industry

Ice pops, and geese
Even if the city has decided it hates food trucks, the solar industry still loves them.

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The Ladle of Love Truck Has Decamped From Tavern on the Green

Ladle of Love
Another food truck has left Manhattan, and this time, the police have absolutely nothing to do with it.

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Since Leaving Midtown, Kim Ima Has Had to 'Rethink Everything'

The Treats Truck

A little more than two weeks after police pressure drove the Treats Truck out of Midtown, its owner, Kim Ima, is working overtime to ensure her business's survival. When she founded her mobile bakery in 2007, Ima became one of the first of the so-called gourmet food trucks to hit the streets. She earned a particularly enthusiastic following in Midtown, where she was an almost constant presence.

Ima's troubles, of course, are shared to some extent by the rest of her fellow truckers, who are also scrambling to adapt to the newly reinforced half-century-old law prohibiting commercial vending in parking spaces. But because the Treats Truck's income depends on selling a high volume of small-ticket items that are seen more as an indulgence than a necessity, its situation is particularly rocky. Ima certainly plans to stay in business. But, even with the new development of private food-truck courts, she's facing some pretty daunting challenges.

What's business been like since you left Midtown?

The real problem for me is that I sell cookies and brownies. I'm not selling you a full meal, so I need to be in a high-density area for lunchtime. My chocolate-chip cookies are a dollar, and so my sales right now, since I'm not there, are at a quarter of what they were. I'm making one-fourth of what I would make on a normal day. What I make in a day is what I would make in two hours at lunch. It's scary. Yesterday I made so little money between wasted product [and low sales]. I will keep doing it and figuring it out, but I can't do this for a year.

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This Month, the Snap Food Truck Is Parking Its Dogs Around Town

A month after we learned of their plans to bring Chicago-style wieners on wheels to New York, Liz and Zeph Courtney have written in to inform us that their Snap Food Truck will be making a number of appearances throughout the city this month.

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Yep, There's a Food Truck Backlash

On second thought ...
Today the Times confirms what we've sort of suspected for a while: People are hating on food trucks. In this case, "people" is the NYPD.

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Thanks to the Police, the Treats Truck Has Left Midtown "For the Time Being"

The Treats Truck

Back in 2007, the Treats Truck became the first of the new-wave "gourmet" food trucks to hit Midtown. And now it's the first to have been forced out.

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The Anti-Food Truck Bandwagon Is Getting Kind of Full

It's been quite a month for food-truck haters!

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Street Food Is "Very 'Now'" in England

As in Midtown, so, too, in London
If you want to remember how excited everyone was about food trucks before they began complaining about them, then you might consider booking a ticket to England, where the whole street-food thing is "very 'now.'"

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