What Can You Do With a Truffle?

This black truffle was purchased recently at Chelsea Market. The loamy smell is intense, and it comes wrapped in a paper towel. But it looks like a lump of coal.

This is the season when area specialty food stores carry fresh black truffles, and sometimes white ones, too. You can get them at Chelsea Market's Buon Italia, and at Eataly, too. At about $75 per ounce, the costs seems prohibitive till you realize that a single truffle will set you back around $40. For a splurge or special occasion, you might spend that on a bottle of wine, why not on a truffle, which is considered one of the world's great delicacies.

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Use Head-On Shrimp Whenever Possible

In Chinatown, you can get these beauties for $6 or so per pound.

When doing anything with shrimp that involves making chowders, stews, or sauces, find head-on shrimp for the most spectacular results. The shrimp head is the depository of much mellow orange fat, which enriches a seafood chowder or fumet as surely as butter, and imparts a visual orange glow.

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