The Five Best Food and Beverage Ideas You Could Crowdfund Right Now

Can Rockaway Beer/Kickstarter
Help Queens return to its brewing glory days one can at a time
Want to see what could be coming next in food? Take a gander at your favorite crowdfunding site. There, no food and beverage concept is too small, too weird, or too ridiculous. Here's a look at the five best crowdfunded ideas out there currently looking for donations.

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Six Miracles of East Village Ungentrification

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Miraculously, lunch counter B & H Dairy remains, from the era when its stretch of Second Avenue was known as the Yiddish Broadway.

As a tribute to E.V. Grieve, the East Village's chronicler of closure and demolition, we present this collection of foodie landmarks that have remarkably remained open, despite the neighborhood's influx of soaring glass towers. Take a moment to savor a bite in these six gems. They may soon be gone.

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5 Great Snacks to Try at Smorgasburg

El Gato Nacho is a newcomer to this season's market

This past weekend was the second of Smorgasburg's 2013 season. As usual, the Williamsburg and Dumbo markets were packed with a mix of locals and tourists counting their dollar bills as they waited in line for smoked meat sandwiches and stuffed parathas. We sought out as many snacks as we could over the last two weeks, with an emphasis on the market's newest crop of vendors, and would like to draw your attention to a handful of excellent finds, all between $2 and $9:

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5 Ramens to Love, Plus Tribeca's Secret Ramen

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Courtesy of Ganso

It's been over a year since Fork ranked the best bowls of ramen in New York, and plenty of new ramenyas have opened up in the city since then. In fact, we can hardly keep up with the ramen news, what with Yuji Haraguchi graduating from Smorgasburg, and Ivan Orkin working on opening a place on the Lower East Side. In the last few months, we've been catching up so we could present five new favorites. Here they are:

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6 Best Jerk Chickens in Flatbush, Brooklyn

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Typical sidewalk jerking operation

Brooklyn is the jerk capital of the world, more so than even Jamaica itself. You can't go very far in Brooklyn neighborhoods like Crown Heights, Rugby, East New York, and Flatbush without seeing a 60-gallon drum spewing smoke -- the universal symbol of some of the tastiest chicken on earth. On top of that, it's often spicy as hell.

This week, Counter Culture races around Flatbush to find the best examples, and here we offer you the top six versions we found.

Read the entire jerk chicken piece here.

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NYC's 7 Messiest Hot Dogs

Hoyt Dog: Your can barely get your lips around this baby

The Louisiana Purchase Exhibition of 1904 - more commonly known as the St. Louis World's Fair - was supposedly the first time a hot dog was crammed into a bun. Before that time, hot dogs had been handed out with a pair of white gloves at such events as Chicago's Columbia Exposition of 1893, so you could hold your weenie without greasing up your fingers.

Yes, the bun was invented to keep your hands clean, which is why it's highly ironic that in the rush to make the humble hot dog a complete meal by piling on tons of gloppy ingredients, you can once again no longer eat a frank without making a gigantic mess.

Here are the worst culprits (or maybe we should say "best"), mess-wise, to be found in the city today.

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5 Great Gifts for the Celebrity Chef Fanatic

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Courtesy of Dirt Candy
Give the gift of Amanda Cohen's Dirt Candy

Some friends are obsessed with the celebrity chef du jour. They ask you, "How can I get Danny Bowien's hair? What about Anthony Bourdain's humor?" Sadly, those are probably unattainable. But some chef-themed gifts are easy to get... and local. Like sauces from Momofuku, or t-shirts from Crif Dogs. This holiday season, make a wannabe celebrity chef's dream come true.

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5 Best Croissants in NYC

Here's the croissant that won. Note the careful radial layering of pastry levels, and you can almost smell the butter.

What are you looking for in a croissant? This quintessential French pastry -- shaped like the horns on a steer -- should be flaky, buttery, and paradoxically both light and substantial at the same time. Yet, within these conceptual confines, there's a lot of wiggle room. Some are bulbous, some shrunken. Some a major feed, others a featherweight snack. Fork in the Road went on a mad dash through the city's croissanteries this last weekend, and here are the best we tasted.

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5 Great Restaurants in Little Italy

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Now that this year's San Gennaro festival has stuffed its last cannoli, my neighborhood has returned to its relaxed self. While I'm all in favor of the old-country vibe surrounding most of Mulberry Street, my go-to spots around Little Italy and Nolita aren't actually Italian (except for one!).

Here are my top five:

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The 5 Greatest Pork Buns in New York

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Pork belly buns are almost a delicacy here, but in Asia, gua bao are the equivalent of hamburgers -- cheap, easy to make, and unequivocally delicious.

I ate my fill of the street-food snack in Taiwan over the summer, and I was shocked at how large they are. The buns were the sizes of small coin wallets, and the juicy pork belly sat marinating in brine alongside pickled vegetables, a tub of hoisin sauce, cilantro, and crushed peanuts. Since I got back home, I've been scouring the city for the best gua baos.

Here are my five favorites:

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