FiTR's Virtual Drive-In Movie Theater - Join Us for the Hilarious Refreshment Commercials

The anthropomorphic characterization of the hot dog and the disembodied boy's head are what nightmares are made of. And doesn't the hot dog remind you of South Park's Mr. Hankey?

Anyone who ever found themselves at a drive-in movie as a kid or teen will never forget it. The coziness of the car on a warm summer night, windows rolled down, with the soundtrack oddly blasting over the car radio. The movies -- and they were often B flicks or reruns on consecutive, all-night programs -- were almost beside the point.

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My Grandmother's Horehound

The candy has a rather dusty appearance.

That's "horehound," not "whore hound" -- though the joke works if you say it out loud, rather than see the word written. While the former might suggest an overly promiscuous feral dog, the latter is an herb that was used long ago to make hard candy.

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