Where to Find the Zappie Sandwich, a Polish Street Food Classic

Photos courtesy Early
At first glace, Early (967 Manhattan Avenue) looks like any other gussied-up Greenpoint coffee shop: reclaimed wood counters, baked goods under glass cloches, organic teas, cold brew. So you'd be forgiven for not noticing the Zappie, a cheese and mushroom sandwich tucked away in the middle of the menu. But that would be an oversight indeed.

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Souk & Sandwich Serves Cheap Lebanese Sandwiches in the West Village

Michael Tullipan
Lebanese food fans on a budget have a new reason to get excited. Tarik Fallous, owner of Au Za'atar, recently opened Souk & Sandwich (117 Avenue of the Americas; 212-625-3982) in the West Village, offering an authentic taste of Middle Eastern cuisine at a price that's easy on the wallet.

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Explore Japanese Street Food at Boerum Hill's Ganso Yaki

Photos courtesy Ganso Yaki
Ganso Ramen owners and cookbook authors Harris Salat and chef Tadashi Ono are furthering their mission of exposing New Yorkers to authentic Japanese fare. Earlier this month the pair opened their second restaurant together, Ganso Yaki (515 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn; 646-927-0303), a follow-up to Ganso, their Downtown Brooklyn restaurant. This time, the pair is focusing on street food from Ono's original home in Shitamachi section of Tokyo.

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A Taste of the Teahouse Treats at Windsor Terrace's East Wind Snack Shop

Photos by Zachary Feldman for the Village Voice
Foie gras bao
Chef Chris Cheung has cooked his way through numerous New York City restaurant kitchens over the past two decades. As a line cook, he landed a spot on Nobu's launch team and worked under Wylie Dufresne during the pioneer's tenure at Jean-Georges. Later, he ran the short-lived Almond Flower Bistro in Chinatown and the Hotel Elysee's Monkey Bar. Last month, the Chinatown-raised progressive Chinese chef opened East Wind Snack Shop (471 16th Street, Brooklyn; 929-295-0188), bringing elevated homemade dim sum and small plates to Brooklyn's Windsor Terrace, the neighborhood he's called home during most of his career.

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Have an Early Taste of the Greenmarket Food at Irvington

Courtesy Irvington
"What else would you cook in a restaurant on the edge of a greenmarket?" asks Scott Gerber, the brains behind a coterie of hotspots including Kingside, and now, Irvington (201 Park Avenue South, 212-677-0425). "Our vegetables come from the market, our eggs, our butter. That's what dictates the menu: what looks great on the stall across the street."

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Here's a Taste of the East Village's Pardon My French

Thumbnail image for rsz_bonemarrowpmf.jpg
All photos by Billy Lyons for the Village Voice
Thyme-roasted bone marrow with baguette
You'll pour your own wine at Pardon My French (103 Avenue B; 212-358-9683), a restaurant from Brazilian-French chef Guilherme Barreto — the restaurant serves via an old tradition called à la ficelle: a method of wine payment that counts how many glasses you've consumed using a knotted string.

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Here's an Early Taste of Wassail, Open on the Lower East Side

All photos by Bradley Hawks for the Village Voice
Scotch egg
It's hard to believe that until now, there has been no bar dedicated to cider here in New York City — the beverage has slowly gained popularity over the last few years, thanks in part to a burgeoning industry right in our backyard. (What else are you going to do with all those New York State apples?) But as of tonight, that niche will be happily filled by Wassail (162 Orchard Street, 646-918-6835), a cider-dedicated establishment on the Lower East Side.

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Have a Taste of the Japanese Curry at Nolita's Goemon Curry

All photos by Sara Ventiera for the Village Voice
Goemon's Vege Vege Curry
Cocoron, the beloved soba shop owned by Yoshihito Kira, has a new sibling, and it vends another relatively unusual (at least for this city) Japanese specialty. Goemon Curry (29 Kenmare Street; 212-226-1262) is now open for business, serving, as its name suggests, Japanese curry.

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The West Village's La Gauloise: 'Yes, Another Bistro'

La Gauloise Restaurant Opening
Courtesy La Gauloise
Carving out a cozy 40-seat niche in the bistro scene, La Gauloise (2 Clarkson Street, 212-675-5535), Georges Forgeois's seventh French-inspired dining spot in New York City, opened this week.

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Here's a Taste of the UWS's Whimsical New Restaurant Amused

All photos by Michael Tullipan
Ramen Noodle Carbonara with pork belly
Stella Ballarini moved to Italy as a ballerina. She fell in love with the country and stayed for ten years. She changed careers while there, switching from dance to running a solo PR company. But when she returned to the States, she had no work references, other than her own word. With no employment options available, Ballarini opened her own event consulting firm, Scoozi Events NYC. Through a mix of chance and good fortune — like landing Ed Sullivan Restaurant as a client when Anthony Bourdain was the head chef — Ballarini grew her one-man band into a mid-sized corporate catering company with 16 full-time staff and 70 active freelancers. Now Ballarini has opened a new eatery, Amused (142 West 83rd Street; 212-799-0080). The new spot offers Ballarini and her team more opportunity for creativity, with whimsical takes on American fare.

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