Ed Brown Transports New England Comforts Across The Street To Lincoln Center Kitchen

All photos by Adam Robb
Wild mushrooms spill from a split roasted shallot popover at Lincoln Center Kitchen.

Long overdue for its own Lincoln Center revival, the former Arpeggio wine bar at Avery Fisher Hall is now Lincoln Center Kitchen (Broadway at 65th Street; 212-874-7000), a window-walled theater lobby bistro with a menu of crowd-pleasing new American standards by neighborhood fixture Ed Brown. If the chef's name looks familiar, it's because you can spot it on the marquee across the street, at Ed's Chowder House, restaurateur Jeffrey Chodorow's upscale clam shack at the Empire Hotel.

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Four Restaurants That Opened In NYC This Week

Lauren Mowery

When one restaurant's doors close, another's open in fast-paced New York City, and every Friday, we'll fill you in on what opened up around town. This week: a beer hall is ready for Columbia students, the West Village gets a coffee shop, and shots and beer are being served together on Houston.

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A First Look Inside Floyd Cardoz's White Street, Now Open on West Broadway

All photos by Adam Robb
Cabbing to North End Grill in Battery Park always feels like a trip, but experiencing North End alum Floyd Cardoz's globally-informed seasonal cooking at White Street (221 West Broadway, 212-944-8378) is transporting. The chef's turnaround of the former Churrascaria Tribeca, located inside a 19th century red bricked armory south of Canal Street, reimagines the dining room of a gilded subcontinent colonial hotel, with lush flourishes like a stretch of crystal chandeliers, jade curtains and sconces, and a glass-caged wine vault.

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Here's an Early Sip of Boilermaker, Now Open in the East Village

Paul Wagtouicz
It didn't take long for Disco Era-channeling bar the Golden Cadillac to go the way of polyester suits (perhaps because people would rather leave the sugary cocktails the place highlighted on its menu firmly in the past), but its specter remains at Boilermaker (13 First Avenue), the new beer and whiskey-centric drinks den that opened in its place.

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Here's an Early Taste of the Park Hyatt's Back Room at One57

From the moment the doors opened at the Park Hyatt New York, we were swarmed by the kind of eager, welcoming handlers that sidled Bill Murray throughout Lost in Translation, which simultaneously provided every visitor an air of importance and made them difficult to glimpse. We were headed to The Back Room at One57 (153 West 57th Street, 212-897-2188), the hotel's hideaway upstairs grill, where oversized curved banquettes stretch out between two walls of sheer-curtained windows. Once the elevator button was pushed for us, we were ushered to the upstairs lobby, where another greeter guided us through the Living Room, where local suits were expensing $16 Julie Reiner-designed cocktails, like fragrant goblets of gin and tonic. Handed off to the Back Room hostess, we claimed a back wall corner banquette.

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Six Restaurants That Opened In NYC This Week

Rafael Marxauch, Myarchn.com

When one restaurant's doors close, another's open in fast-paced New York City, and every Friday, we'll fill you in on what opened up around town. This week: a matcha-centric cafe opens in Williamsburg, seafood makes its way to West Harlem, and three brothers are serving up their unique roasts in Brooklyn.

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Have a Look Around Raaka, a New Chocolate Factory Open in Red Hook

All photos by Rob Christensen
We are, admittedly, suckers for behind-the-scenes tours, but Raaka (64 Seabring Street, Brooklyn; 855-255-3354), a bean-to-bar chocolatier that just opened a factory in Red Hook, really captured our imagination -- we have not stopped talking about chocolate since we traipsed around the facility last week. (Seriously -- just ask our friends, who just want to talk about the NFL's domestic violence scandals or the ebola crisis and instead are subjected to an unrelenting stream of consciousness about how chocolate is totally the next coffee.) So if you are at all interested in how things are made -- or if you want to eat some really good vegan chocolate -- you should head out to this place. It'll be worth your time.

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Sachi, a Pan-Asian Restaurant, Opens in Midtown

All photos by Rafael Marxauch, Myarchn.com
Chef Andy Yang grew up in Thailand, and that's where his culinary education began. "My grandma cooked for the king," he says. "She taught my mother, who taught me. It's more like Bangkok-style cooking." He built on that base by working in different Asian countries, solidifying his understanding of Southeast Asian cooking while adding ingredients from all over the continent to his repertoire.

And he's applying all of that knowledge at Sachi (713 Second Avenue, 212-297-1883), a pan-Asian restaurant that opened last week in Midtown East.

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Here's What to Expect at GG's, Opening in the Goat Town Space This Week

Photo courtesy GG's
Nicholas Morgenstern, who opened Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream last spring, says that he isn't in the rock-star class of chefs (i.e., the McNallys, Changs, Carmenellis) that dominates the New York City dining scene. But his skinny jeans, cherry-red motorcycle, and internationally popular ice cream parlor suggest that he is at least on his way. Especially when the ice cream parlor has become successful enough to command long lines of tourists and locals alike, who descend upon the shop for scoops of durian fruit and Szechuan peppercorn chocolate ice cream. "It's like Katz's or something," he says.

But before Morgenstern's, the chef had Goat Town, which he's retooling into GG's (511 East 5th Street) and reopening later this week. "This restaurant keeps my feet on the ground," he says. "This neighborhood is very real."

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Six Restaurants That Opened in NYC This Week

The Good Batch via Facebook

When one restaurant's doors close, another's open in fast-paced New York City, and every Friday we'll fill you in on what opened up around town. This week: A former Smorgasburg bakery opens a brick-and-mortar in Brooklyn, Champagne and fried chicken get paired on the Lower East Side, and Danny Meyer's new Roman pizzeria opens in the Martha Washington Hotel.

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