An Early Look at the East Village's Confessional, Where Secrets and Food Are Meant to Be Shared

Billy Lyons
Secrets are meant to be shared
Dark corners are usually a place people meet to converse privately, but a new Latin fusion restaurant in the East Village is attempting to be a game changer when it comes to a memorable night out. Confessional (308 East 6th Street; 212-477-2400) adds a twist to the intimate design genre with a giant mural made up of personal secrets -- a collection of chalkboard tweets from customers that disappear after closing each night. Eight years in development, the interactive art piece already has created some memorable moments since its debut earlier this year -- particularly when it comes to first dates and the words "I love you" -- and the gentleman who returns frequently with different women to write those three words again and again.

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A Visit to Dynaco Bar in Bed-Stuy [PHOTOS]

All photos by Hannah Palmer Egan
Inside Dynaco, warm light awaits

Yesterday, I stopped by new Wiley outpost, Glorietta Baldy, which opens Monday. But my day's real discovery was something else entirely. Courtesy of a flat tire that forced me to walk, not bike, home, I stumbled upon another brotherly Bed-Stuy outfit, this one from Adam and Ben Forgash. (Please forgive me for being late to the party on this, I'm so glad to be here now.)

Dynaco (1112 Bedford Avenue, no phone) is a jewel of a place that, if located somewhere like the East Village or Bushwick, would likely be on every "where to drink" list right now (it's gotten some press of that type, by the way--but not nearly what it deserves).

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Ben Spiegel Applies His Foraging Background at Icelandic-Inspired SKÁL

Courtesy SKÁL
Executive Chef Ben Spiegel of SKÁL
Perhaps the Scandinavian trend we all predicted a few years back didn't take hold with the vengeance we expected, but restaurants celebrating the culinary canon of those countries near the Arctic circle continue to take root here, a testament to the ever-changing nature of the New York City gastronomic landscape. The newest entrant is SKÁL (37 Canal Street, 212-777-7518)--which translates to "cheers" in Danish--an Icelandic spot bringing a bit of Erik The Red to the lower Lower East Side with an ambitious menu in a homey space that formerly housed Les Enfants Terribles.

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Williamsburg Says Aloha to New Hawaiian Joint Onomea

Courtesy Onomea via Facebook
The islands of Hawaii are on display at Onomea located at 84 Havemeyer Street in Williamsburg
Though an illuminated outline of the 50th state features prominently on its back wall, no map is necessary to guide you to the understanding that the food at this restaurant, Onomea, is from a distant land, unfamiliar even in New York City, where you can find most anything.

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Three Underrated Patios Where You'll Actually Be Able to Find a Seat

That line you see in the photo above? That was the wait at 7 p.m. last Friday night for the Frying Pan, the bar located on a boat anchored in the Hudson. And while we dig the notion of sipping drinks while floating on the water, the pay-off for spending 45 minutes waiting to board our happy hour destination was a chance to buy a bucket of overpriced beers and then fight hordes of guzzlers for a table.

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Streecha, Hidden Ukrainian Kitchen in the East Village

Clarissa Wei

Streecha is a hole-in-the-wall Ukrainian kitchen on 7th Street in between Second and Third Avenue. The kitchen is owned and operated by the Ukrainian church across the street. Think varenykys and stuffed cabbages with a cup of borscht. It's a cheap alternative to the neighboring Veselka. You can order the entire menu for under $20. The only caveat is that it's only open Fridays through Sundays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Fork in the Road headed there this weekend, and with the exception of the cake, we ordered everything off the menu. Photos after the jump.

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No Swine on My Mind


This pizza parlor on Malcolm X in Harlem offers an expanded menu of diner food, with the assurance that there is no pork on the premises. On Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard, an earlier establishment has a similar name: Mookie's No Pork on My Fork.

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Artie's Deli: Nova Lox Platter, Unlimited Coleslaw

A salad platter of massive proportions.
Artie's Delicatessen may not be in the same league as Barney Greengrass and Katz's, but it's a fine place to linger over breakfast, listening to the waitress verbally abuse a table of teenagers and gorging on the free half-and-full sour pickles and sweet, crunchy coleslaw that are plunked down in big silver bowls.

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Jeremy's Ale House: Fried Seafood, Beer in Styrofoam Cups, Off-Duty Firemen

jeremysalehouse 001.jpg
Fried clam strips.
It's not that the fried seafood at Jeremy's Ale House near the South Street Seaport is the best you've ever had. It's more like an ideal version of boardwalk food -- greasy, but also fresh-tasting and generous. Beer comes in giant Styrofoam cups in either 16- or 32-ounce servings ($4.75-$6.50), and some of the guys (and they are all guys) parked at the sticky wooden tables seem to have been there all day, three or more empties stacked in front of them as they watch soccer on television, bitch about their gambling habits, or gossip about various station houses.

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Overlooked Places: Du6lin in the West Village (a/k/a Dublin 6)

"Shall I go in or not," she wonders out loud. (All pictures taken in near total darkness with the Fork in the Road low-lite steadicam.)

Du6lin, also known as Dublin 6, is a true gastropub, one that has gone largely unnoticed due to its proximity to a more famous gastropub (The Spotted Pig), and its resemblance to a plain Irish pub, of which several new ones have opened in the West Village in the last few years.

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