This Week's Specials: Story of Futomaki, Whipped Green Eggs

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Here's what we've been up to this week at Fork in the Road:

Robert Sietsema gave us the story on futomaki: "Futomaki in Kansai - where the roll is called eho-maki ("happy direction roll") - originated as a festival food. It would be eaten once a year in uncut form, which must have been quite a spectacle."

We shared a recipe for whipped green eggs from Paprika.

We interviewed restaurateur Carlos Suarez on his new venture, Rosemary's (Sietsema reviewed Rosemary's this week, while Tejal Rao headed to Hillside).

Yes the pizza dosa exists: "The thing is stuffed with bottled tomato sauce and grated pizza cheese. The wrapper is a plain dosa that's been brushed with more tomato sauce as it is griddle-cooked on one side in the conventional manner." Sietsema thinks it tastes awful.

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This Week's Specials: Best Of Hell's Kitchen, Free Iced Booze

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Ratatouille appetizer from Marseille
What we've been up to this week at Fork in the Road:

Robert Sietsema lists out his ten favorite restaurants in Hell's Kitchen.

We list out a hot summer deal about free iced booze at Bottlerocket in the Flatiron district. One of the menu items: "Bootlegger Vodka Sno-cones with Fruit Syrups."

Seven favorite NYC fish tacos courtesy of Robert Sietsema.

We chat with Bellwether chef Dan Ross-Leutwyler on food service marriage, eating out, and kitchen music.

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This Week's Specials: Mashed Potato Vending Machine, New York's Most Expensive Hot Dog

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What we've been up to this week at Fork in the Road:

News from Singapore: a mashed potato machine in their 7-Eleven.

Is this New York's most expensive [normal] hot dog? We found it at Daniel Boulud's Epicerie Boulud up near Lincoln Center.

We list out the top ten doughnuts in New York.

Lauren Bloomberg interviews Cooking Channel's Nadia G, who eats vodka pizza and thinks meat is a treat.

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This Week's Specials: Boozy Sweets, Spaghetti-Chomping Hamsters

Toby Dignum
It was a slow, hot week here at Fork in the Road, with the July 4 holiday right in the middle. Stuck in the city, we consoled ourselves with some farm porn, and by listening to Pavement. Then we got back to work.

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This Week's Special: Make Your Own Marijuana Brownies, Monster Jackfruits

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Robert Sietsema
See what we've been up to this week at Fork in the Road:

Robert Sietsema teaches us how to make a perfect batch of marijuana brownies -- Betty Crocker recipe and all.

We love cheap ice cream. $0.99 ice cream in Brooklyn by vans that are called the "Dollar Truck."

Monstrous jackfruit at Anada Bazaar in Jackson Heights: "Beloved of vegetarians, the fruit is starchy and tart, like a cross between a potato and a green mango."

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This Week's Specials: Salted Licorice Pops and Cannibal Recipes

This Week's Specials: Breakfast Tacos and Ma Po Tofu

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Robert Sietsema

Robert Sietsema shares with us a list for his five favorite breakfast tacos: "Sadly, breakfast tacos are few and far between in Gotham, and you have to behave like a ferret to find them."

What's the story behind Sichuan mapo tofu? The dish features bean curd, ground meat, fermented bean paste, chile oil, and, of course, Sichuan peppercorns, often in abundance.

Fork in the Road
received a lot of great recipes this week. Our favorite was the coconut curry shrimp from Cambodian sandwich shop Num Pang, followed by the recipe for Sri Lankan Crab Curry.

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This Week's Specials: Lamb Dishes and Shrimp Heads

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Robert Sietsema gives the run-down on New York City's best lamb dishes.

Thinking of going camping over the long weekend? We give you five ideas for outdoor eats: mason jar cocktails, spiced chickpeas, kale chips, picnic apple pies, and Hong Kong-style hot dogs.

A recap of the not-so-great GoogaMooga: "Lines poured into one another and waits topped over an hour. Beer cards were sold and then couldn't be redeemed. Food and drink ran out. All in all, it was not a good scene."

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This Week's Specials: Make A Strawberry, Five Best Dishes at Parish Hall

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See what we've been up to this week at Fork in the Road:

Making a strawberry is actually possible -- kind of. We attend a "flavor lab" and bring back the molecular recipe for making a basic strawberry flavor.

Fork in the Road is starting up a new weekly column on beer. We'll be reviewing the appearance, aroma, mouthfeel, and overall experience of NYC's beers.

Iron Chef Marc Forgione talks to us about steak and his new Atlantic City project.

Robert Sietsema gives us Parish Hall's best five dishes.

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This Week's Specials: Soba, Hot Dogs, and James Beard

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What we've been up to at Fork in the Road this week:

Robert Sietsema gives us the verdict on the best soba in NYC. He talks up Lower East Side Corcoron and throws in a mention for the East Village-based SobaKoh: "Soba are often eaten cold with a soy-based dipping sauce. The noodles feel cool on the tongue, and wasabi mixed into the sauce (or dabbed on the noodle, which is the more authentic way) adds tang. After you've consumed the cold noodles, a pot of hot water turns the dipping sauce into a warm soup. Eating soba is a ritual, while eating ramen is just sucking down starch."

We chat with North End Grill's Floyd Cardoz on Battery Park City and the challenges of the new space. "I'd say the biggest challenge was in the first month. It was trying to understand how the grills work. Obviously, I hadn't done that before. These are two grills I hadn't worked on so we tried to figure out how to make it best work. That was the biggest challenge we had," Cardoz says.

For those reservation procrastinators out there, we have for you a list of solid Mother's Day brunch and dinner deals.

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