Sriracha Ice Cream Shake: With Booze!

Eric Sundermann
Heat up as you cool down
Last week, Fork in the Road posted a one off photo of the Sriracha hot sauce-based ice cream shake from GO Burger, "The Fiery Berry Crumble." We couldn't help but notice that the photo got a bunch of traffic, spreading all over social media as it garnered over a thousand shares on Facebook. The special was only temporary, though, and ended yesterday. Total bummer that you missed it, right? Wrong!

In a moment which birthed out of being too lazy to go all the way to the Upper East Side, my 90 degree apartment, and an inherent desire to add booze to everything I can, my roommate and I whipped up our own version of the spicy concoction, with a little bit of that special sauce. The recipe follows.

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Hong Kong Breakfast at Coluck

Just what you want with your breakfast -- a hot dog!

Starting in the German city of Frankfurt am Main, hot dogs have certainly wormed their way all over the globe, but who would've guessed they'd become so popular in Hong Kong?

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Eat These Balls! Have a Pork Party in Your Mouth

Looks like Dagobah, tastes like Heaven.

Suppose you have too much time on your hands, and tend spend it feeding your inner fat kid instead of doing yoga (or another awful physical activity).

Now Fork in the Road does not want to advocate unhealthy lifestyle choices -- you should totally go jump rope and run up stairs listening to "Eye of the Tiger" instead of relaxing over a steak dinner and glass of Malbec -- but the bloggers here can certainly point you in the right direction if you simply insist on indulging and imbibing.

And the blog's most recent culinary experiment will do just that.

An idea was recently born among the Voice's expert, gourmet culinary team: What happens if you make pork meatballs with pork rinds, pork cracklings, and pork liverwurst blended into the ground meat?

Awesome happens, that's what.

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What I Did With My Wild Mushrooms From the New Amsterdam Market: Aborted Entoloma Frittata

Here's about $4 worth of the mushroom called "Snow Shrimp" on the blackboard, but whose real name is "Aborted Entolomas," according to a commenter.

Last week Fork in the Road covered the wild mushrooms being newly offered at the New Amsterdam Market. What an array it was, including many that had never been seen at retail in the city before, 14 varieties all told. I bought three types, and here's the first installment of what I did with them.

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It Snowed! Time to Make Maple Taffy

Remember, only use clean snow!

Now that New York City has had its first snowfall, no matter how pitiful of a flurry it was, it's time to think about maple taffy, that glorious confection invented by our friends up north who can't ever drive to the grocery store because there's far too much snow on the ground.

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Recipe Improv: Goat, Prunes, and Smoked Paprika With Craftbar's Lauren Hirschberg

Give this man some goat
Welcome to Recipe Improv, in which Fork in the Road throws three disparate ingredients at a chef to see what he or she can come up with. (Check out the full series here.)

This week's contestant is Lauren Hirschberg, chef de cuisine at Craftbar. Hirschberg has worked his way up under Tom Colicchio--as a culinary student he worked a stage at Craft, where, two years later, he was promoted to sous chef. In 2008, he moved on over to Craftbar.

The ingredients: Goat, prunes, and smoked paprika

The recipe: Goat Ravioli, Prune, Pine Nut, and Smoked Paprika Butter

Click through for the full recipe.

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DIY Bubbles: Make Your Own Soda at Home

In order to avoid high-fructose corn syrup and other preservatives found in soda, some people stalk purveyors of cane sugar-sweetened Mexican Coke. Others make their own. This video from Make magazine demonstrates how to create carbonated drinks at home without the use of expensive soda-making machines.

[via TreeHugger]

Three-dollar Throwdown--Vote For Your Favorite!

Our Three-dollar Throwdown is well underway. Vote for your favorite in an email to Sarah DiGregorio or submit your own recipe to stiffen up the competition. You'd be surprised what you can do with 3 bucks.

View our own entries here and here and here.

Three-dollar Throwdown--Chantal's Shrimp & Baby Bok Choy Stir Fry

In case you missed it, we here at Fork in the Road have been amusing ourselves with the challenge to end all challenges, the ultimate cheap-off, a friendly contest to devise the best $3 meal: The Three-dollar Throwdown. This is my entry.

But first, a bit of background. Sarah is a trained cook; Robert is a veteran food critic, which places me squarely in the role of underdog. I live on the verge of Chinatown--a block I've seen referred to as Little Chitaly--so I did my shopping close to home. And, while I can assure you that it is possible to buy three mini baby bok choy and a handful of dried shrimp, it may earn you a few grunts of disapproval.

Shrimp & Baby Bok Choy Stir Fry

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Recipe Improv: Chicken Liver, Paprika and Kale

Martin Brock.jpg

Today, we're playing recipe improv with German-born chef Martin Brock. Brock launched his New York career under Gray Kunz at Café Grey, and he is now the executive chef at Atria, the recently opened re-invention of Grayz.

The improv ingredients: Chicken liver, smoked paprika, kale

Using our improv ingredients, Brock came up with a hearty, warming appetizer--Chicken Livers with Smoked Paprika-Peppercorn Sauce and Kale. The dish is relatively cheap to make, and simple to prepare.

Get Brock's recipe, after the jump.  

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