Here's Why You Should Book an Evening on The Water Table

With the last few weeks of summer upon us, the pressures to plan a coastal getaway are as rampant as ever. But when funds and scheduling keep the bay at bay, a quick and close escape on the water is as good as any. Fortunately, Kelli Farwell and Sue Walsh had both adventure and convenience in mind when they co-founded The Water Table, a reservations-only dinner boat that sails the East River during weekends this summer. We caught up with Farwell and Walsh for an opening piece back in December, and we recently had the chance to experience the sailing dinner party for ourselves.

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Village Voice Story on Restaurant Leases Featured on The Ride Home With Pat Kiernan

Courtesy The Ride Home
Village Voice cover story featured on Pat Kiernan's radio show

Village Voice writer Jon Campbell was on WABC Radio's The Ride Home, with Pat Kiernan and Rita Cosby yesterday to talk about our cover story from last week, co-written with Food Editor Laura Shunk. The story, Are High Rents Pricing Manhattan's High End Restaurants Out of the Market? takes a deep look at the economic factors driving some of the city's high end restaurants out of business, or at least out of Manhattan.

Check out the segment (4:30) below:

And check out the full episode here.

Pot-atopia, No! Pota-topia, Nearly Upon Us in Greenwich Village

Spuds on Sixth Avenue

Just as adjacent West 8th Street is filling up with restaurants instead of shoe stores, many of them quite pricey, Sixth Avenue in Greenwich Village latitudes is becoming a cheap, franchise-eats haven. Ninety-nine Cent Pizza led the way, and soon there was a Chipotle just across the street, joining stalwart Gray's Papaya in the immediate vicinity. Now, a baked potato outfit called Potatopia has muscled its way onto the strip.

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Health Department Smacks Sarita's Mac and Cheese

One of the two storefronts of Sarita's, formerly known as S'Mac, with its gate pulled partway down.

Now known as Sarita's Mac and Cheese, the restaurant formerly known as S'mac - which has two non-adjacent storefronts on East 12th between First and Second avenues -
has been closed by the city's Department of Health and Mental Hygiene because it failed its health inspection, a passerby noted to FiTR early this afternoon. But when we arrived to take a look, the gate on the premises has been coyly pulled down to conceal the familiar yellow notice, and another white notice posted, saying "We are closed to make some emergency repairs." Nice evasion, fellas!

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Celebrate (And Devour) Pancakes Throughout February at Clinton Street Baking Co.

clinton st pancakes.jpg
Clinton Street Baking Co. & Restaurant
Here in America, we like to celebrate everything -- especially when there's food involved. The proof is in the pudding . . . and cookies and pie and so on; every single day of the year is designated as a food holiday. Other foods are so delicious -- or have enough crazed fans -- to deserve an entire month. February marks National Hot Breakfast Month, Grapefruit Month, Fondue Month, Potato Lover's Month, and even Fiber Focus Month (we couldn't make that up). But if you ask us, the most important food of February is pancakes.

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Pork Slope Now Delivers in Brooklyn

Don't expect to see him at your door.

Great news for pig-hungry Park Slopers. Dale Talde's roadhouse-inspired tavern, Pork Slope, is now allowing its neighbors to feast at home. As of last Friday, the restaurant is offering delivery service from Flatbush Avenue to 9th Street between 4th Street and Prospect Park. If you're in range and not in the mood for taxidermy with your chili con carne, you can order Pork Slope's full menu from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. And while delivery is available daily, it might be best enjoyed while keeping up with some of Talde's former Top Chef pals.

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Workers Suing Bourdain's Les Halles Over Tips

Flickr/Mikey loves Barcelona

Workers at Anthony Bourdain's Les Halles have filed a class-action lawsuit against the restaurant, and claim that managers took tips and wages from servers and busboys. The news comes from the New York Post, who reported that Les Halles supposedly forced service employees to pool their tips for divvying but then doled out 26 percent of them to floor managers.

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Restaurateur Robert Treboux Dies at 87

le veau d'or.jpg
The Times reports that Robert Treboux, owner of the Upper East Side restaurant, Le Veau d'Or, died on Wednesday at the age of 87.

The French restaurateur waited tables in the 1950s at Le Pavillon, the classic French institution run by the legendary Henri Soulé. Then, like many others who worked under Soulé, he went on to open his own restaurants that shaped New York's fine dining culture for many years.

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Eleven Madison Hikes Up Prices, Four-Hour Long Meal

Thumbnail image for IMG_1785cobia.jpg
John Zhong
Cobia at EMP
We knew the $74 per person lunch at Eleven Madison Park was too good to be true. It was great while it lasted, but EMP has shifted gears, hiked up the price, and changed to a tasting menu-only format. The price tag: $195.

According to the NYTimes, "The grid menu will remain, but it will now be blended with a tasting menu of about a dozen dishes. The $195 price will be the same as for the restaurant's current tasting menu, but a $125 option will no longer be available."

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'Gourmet Vegan Soul Food' Coming to Harlem

Mother and son Brenda and Aaron Beener are raising some funds over on Kickstarter for Seasoned Vegan. The "vegan gourmet soul food" restaurant will be coming to Harlem if the duo can meet their $20,000 goal in the next 17 days.

More on what to expect below, in their own words:

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