Confused About Regional American BBQ? Listen to This Song

Barbecue styles from the South, the Midwest, and points beyond have been invading New York City like an army of warrior ants in the last few years. As was demonstrated by a recent Voice cover story, we've now got 'cue from places like St. Louis, North Carolina, Memphis, Oklahoma, and, of course, Texas. But how can you distinguish what comes from where? And how can you tell what we're still missing? Well, this song by online humorists Rhett & Link is dead accurate when it comes to identifying regional types of barbecue. Give it a listen -- then take a look at the lyrics, below.

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Bob Marley Wants You to CHILL!

Legal (except in New Jersey schools) tranquilizers?

Peeking out from among the Malta cans and bottles of kola champagne and ginger beer in bodega refrigerator cases in neighborhoods like Flatbush, Bed-Stuy, and Clinton Hill, beverages bearing a likeness of Wailers lead singer (and prodigious pothead) Bob Marley have been appearing. (And what college student doesn't have his dreads-framed visage plastered somewhere in the dorm room?) That likeness has been pressed into service in Bob Marley-branded beverages, alliteratively called Marley's Mellow Mood. FitR picked up a couple on Church Avenue, on an evening when squad cars went screaming by, heading into East Flatbush. We certainly needed some nerve-calming.

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Former Van Halen Frontman Sammy Hagar Exits Sammy's Beach Bum Bar in Atlantic City

In happier days, a garrulous, wild-haired Sammy Hagar chatted with a reporter about an upcoming show with Sammy's Beach Bum Bar & Grill as backdrop. "Rum's the best mixer on the planet," he says, as a casino executive looks on approvingly. Beware of seemingly friendly guys in suits, Sammy!

Operated by Sammy Hagar but owned by Bally's Casino via Caesar's Entertainment, Sammy's Beach Bum Bar & Grill was a fixture on the Atlantic City Boardwalk for the last three summers. In fact, it was the only outdoor bar actually situated on sand, between the boardwalk and the Atlantic Ocean. It was a relatively large place, with about 60 tables, and waitresses dressed in hot pants. A loud rock soundtrack blared from speaker horns overhead. The specialty of the place was tall drinks served in colorful plastic glasses with umbrellas in them, with fried tidbits as the main bar snacks. The place seemed more like it belonged in Florida or California.

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Parry Gripp Sings About His Favorite Burrito, and Other Food Ditties

Santa Barbara native Parry Gripp is a writer of satirical songs about popular culture, probably most famous for the video, "Hamster on a Piano (Eating Popcorn)." Indeed, many of his songs concern food, and the tunes are so catchy, you'll find yourself humming them days later. Here are a few more of his food-obsessed ditties.

As he sings in "I Like Vegetables": "Think you're tough, think you're hard? I'm going to eat the chard, right out of your yard!"

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Like Frankfurters? Love Slayer? Groove to Tara Sinn's Horror Dog II

California-born artist Tara Sinn -- now a New Yorker -- created this video involving a hot dog that never ends. The soundtrack is Slayer's "Raining Blood." Let the horror begin!

Last Night: M. Ward, Yo La Tengo, and Broccoli in Prospect Park

Here's your "healthy" rock snack!

[See More Rock 'n' Dinner Roll: Pavement's 'A Shady Lane' | Foodie Hip Hop]

Well, last night as the sun set in Prospect Park and Yo La Tengo took the stage (sans bass player James McNew, felled by appendicitis, but replaced by two other temporary musicians), I was distracted by the sight of punters passing in the gloaming carrying bowls of broccoli. Not hot dogs, barbecue, chips, or popcorn, but broccoli. Have the mayor's edicts finally fallen on fertile ground? I wondered as I leaped from the blanket and hastened to investigate.

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Pavement's 'A Shady Lane'

"Shady Lane" is one of Fork in the Road's favorite Pavement songs, a ditty so evocative it might bring tears to your eyes.

The refrain, "A shady lane, everybody wants one/A shady lane, everybody needs one" suggests an Acadian past we might like to retreat to, while also partly recalling the Quicksilver Messenger Service album (and title track), "Shady Grove." Of course, during the current sweltering weather, a shady lane is doubly appealing. But the song also has strong foodie associations.

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Musical Lineup Announced for the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party -- Free Concerts!

Bloodshot Records
Jon Langford performs on Saturday
Today the musical lineup for this year's Big Apple Barbecue Block Party was announced. The event--the 10th annual--takes place this year on Saturday, June 9, and Sunday, June 10.

Three bands will be playing each day, and the music, if not the barbecue, is free. The Block Party takes place in Madison Square Park. The musical selection spans punk rock, alt-country, and soul music genres, and the schedule follows.

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Foodie Hip Hop, Part 2: 'All You Can Eat' by the Fat Boys

Yesterday, we put up a video by FaceGang2 called "Pizza Party," but of course foodie hip-hop is a much more old and venerable subgenre than that recent footage suggests. We were reminded of this when the Voice's Nick Murray sent along a 1984 video by the Fat Boys titled "All You Can Eat."

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Foodie Hip Hop: FaceGang2 Presents 'Pizza Party'

You'll either love this song or hate it, but, either way, try to count the pizza boxes in the track and identify each one. And there's no mistaking their enthusiasm for pizza.

Too bad the pizza they're chowing down on mainly sucks!

Thanks to Francesca Stabile (@frantaclaus) for forwarding this video

[Via YouTube]