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Today's my last day here at Fork in the Road, after a year and a half and nearly 1,100 blog posts (not to mention a hearty 10 pounds from reviewing restaurants). During my time here, I learned about everything from beer for ladies to our city's best Vietnamese eateries to infecting yourself with hookworms to cure wheat allergies. It's been a delicious ride, and this blog wouldn't be anything without you readers. Thanks to all of you for following Fork in the Road and taking the time to comment and share your thoughts. I leave you in very good hands. Going forward, you can also catch me online at or @ldshockey. And don't forget to eat like you mean it!

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Maruko Sushi Opens, Selling Mad Cheap Nigiri

Lauren Shockey

Maruko Sushi, a takeout sushi shop on 23rd Street, opened its doors last week, selling individually wrapped pieces of nigiri and an assortment of bubble teas.

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Singapura Coming Soon to 106 Lexington Avenue

Lauren Shockey
Coming soon

A stroll by 106 Lexington Avenue reveals that a restaurant called Singapura will open in the immediate future. Although still completely papered up, a sign notes that the restaurant will specialize in both Malaysian and Thai cuisine, and will also offer Hakka Chinese food. Although that sounds like quite the pan-Asian mash-up, Malaysia and Singapore actually have numerous restaurants serving Hakka cuisine due to the large Chinese diaspora in those countries. Not much else is known at this point, though an OpenTable page reveals a price point of $30 and under. Stay tuned for more in upcoming weeks.

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Our 10 Best Late Night Eats in New York City

Lauren Shockey
This seafood pancake comes with a ton of banchan at 24-hour K-town spot Kum Gang San.

New York is the city that never sleeps and never stops eating, no matter what hour of the day -- or night as the case may be. While it's true that a lot of the foods consumed after midnight are of the drunk-pizza variety, the city boasts many 24-hour restaurants that serve some damn fine fare. Here are our picks for the 10 Best Late Night Eats. And if you can't wait until tonight to go stuff your face with them, you're in luck. You can chow down on all of them, oh, right now.

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Tomorrow: Our 10 Best Late Night Eats

Lauren Shockey
The Pho Real #1 at 24-hour deli Sunny & Annie's is an East Village cult classic, combining all the flavors of the Vietnamese soup in sandwich form. But is it worthy enough to make it into the top 10?

The great thing about living in New York City is that you can get anything to eat at basically any time of day. You want a steak and fries at midnight? No problem. Followed up with kimchi fried rice at 3 a.m.? You've got it. And a chocolate milkshake and slice of pie at 5 a.m.? Done and done. This fine city offers a bounty of delicious late-night eats, and we'll be bringing you the best of the bunch bright and early tomorrow morning.

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Back Forty West Chef Peter Hoffman on the Foods He Won't Serve: Interview Part 2

Photo courtesy Peter Hoffman
All Peter Hoffman needs to be happy is pork and pie.
Yesterday we spoke with Peter Hoffman, the chef/owner of Back Forty and its new spin-off, Back Forty West, and he told us all about the best days to visit the Greenmarket and how he got into the locavore movement. Today he looks back on his long career in New York City and reveals his all-time favorite meal.

You've been in the restaurant business a long time. What have been the important lessons you've learned?

Staying flexible is important, and having transformed Savoy into a new restaurant is an important demonstration of that. Our work is always changing, and we can't stay stuck in what we do and what we think. This corner [where Savoy was and Back Forty West is located] is a very different place than in 1990 when we started, and even very different than it was in 2002.

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The Cinnamon Challenge: Don't Try This at Home, Kids

All looks good at first ...

Marilyn Hagerty might be the biggest food meme of the moment, but another culinary craze on the Internet has spiked in popularity in recent weeks: the cinnamon challenge. If you're not already aware of the challenge, the purpose of it is to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon without water and, naturally, film yourself on YouTube so that the whole world can share in your gastronomic delights and disgust. But -- shocker of all shockers -- doctors are warning that this is an actually dangerous activity, reports The Wall Street Journal.

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Silver Spoon Opens on 8th Street, Selling Fancy Deli Fare

silver spoon 002.jpg
Lauren Shockey
A view from outside

Only, oh, half a year after it was supposed to open its doors, Silver Spoon (53 East 8th Street, 212-995-1100) has brought 8th Street the futuristic deli it didn't know it needed.

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Chef Peter Hoffman Shares His Thoughts on Recreating Back Forty in Soho and the Locavore Movement

Photo courtesy Peter Hoffman
Peter Hoffman's back in the groove at Back Forty.
Peter Hoffman has been a fixture in the downtown New York restaurant scene for years. He opened Savoy in Soho back before the neighborhood was a glorified shopping mall, and championed a farm-friendly culinary aesthetic before the term "locavore" was ever coined. He shuttered Savoy last year, but just a few weeks ago reopened the space as a new outpost of his East Village eatery, Back Forty. We called him up to learn more about the restaurant and to get his take on New York dining today.

So why create another outpost of Back Forty instead of coming up with a totally new concept?

Well, we just thought so many people really appreciated what we were doing with Back Forty, though I'm not interested in rolling out the cookie-cutter restaurant formula, because there has to be a heart in the restaurant for it to be any good, and people trying to cook good food. That's the difference in cookie-cutter, 1-2-3-4 places. We've learned so much about how things have evolved and dining in New York -- the casual style and easy approach people like and the large-format style of eating where people can make a party. Savoy couldn't handle large groups and had a different way of dining, so we're building and extending on what we've learned.

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5 Unexpected Dishes to Try at North End Grill

Lauren Shockey
Ever had cod throats before? Try them here.

For this week's review, I headed down to Battery Park City to check out North End Grill, one of three eateries Danny Meyer has erected in the neighborhood in the past year. Floyd Cardoz, formerly the chef at Tabla, is running the kitchen, dishing up a menu of American classics, many of which have unexpected twists or exotic flavorings. Here are five unexpected dishes to try.

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