Mighty Quinn's: You've Eaten the 'Cue, Now Enjoy the Song

Quinn's gargantuan beef rib is like something an Inuit might have once wrested from the flank of a whale.

Fork in the Road has reported admiringly on the city's latest barbecue, an East Village joint called Mighty Quinn's. The place does brisket, Texas-style, and has a secondary specialty in Carolina pulled-pork 'cue. Of course, the name comes from a Bob Dylan song, "Quinn the Eskimo," that was so popular in the past century, it was done by dozens of top artists, ranging from the original hit-parade cover by Manfred Mann, to such acts as Julie London, the Grateful Dead, and Dylan himself. Apart from a reference to "it ain't my cup of meat," there seems to be no connection between barbecue and the song, but maybe you think different. Here are several delightful versions of "Quinn the Eskimo" to chew on before you come up with an answer.

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Pavement's 'A Shady Lane'

"Shady Lane" is one of Fork in the Road's favorite Pavement songs, a ditty so evocative it might bring tears to your eyes.

The refrain, "A shady lane, everybody wants one/A shady lane, everybody needs one" suggests an Acadian past we might like to retreat to, while also partly recalling the Quicksilver Messenger Service album (and title track), "Shady Grove." Of course, during the current sweltering weather, a shady lane is doubly appealing. But the song also has strong foodie associations.

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