White House Pride Cookies, the First BBQ, and Culinary Secrets From 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Steven Thrasher
A surprisingly delicious decorative cookie from the White House kitchen, consumed in the West Wing
Yesterday, we took our first-ever trip inside the White House. There were all kinds of culinary secrets we discovered that we weren't expecting.

First, as we waited to go through security, we saw a lot (and we mean a lot) of staffers coming back from a Mickey D's run. Would Michelle approve of all that McDonald's?

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On Being Mistaken For a Restaurant Safety Inspector (And Four Crazy Things We Learned About Restaurant Grading)

This morning, we were in a café near our home that we go to very infrequently. Walking up to the counter we studied the menu for a moment before ordering a coffee.

"False alarm!" the barista (who turned out to also be the owner) barked to his colleague.

"What false alarm?" we inquired.

"We thought you were a health inspector."

Oh my, we thought. We must change our wardrobe if that's the vibe we're giving off.

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