In the Shift to Fatty Lab, a New Way to Experiment With Pop-Ups

Courtesy Fatty 'Cue via Facebook
Chef Chaz Brown ran the first Fatty Lab Dinner: Crescent City Brooklyn

News broke a couple of months ago that Fatty 'Cue Brooklyn would abruptly shut its doors to become a new dining experience called Fatty Lab (91 South 6th Street, Brooklyn, 718-599-3090) (and this after the space had been closed for months of renovations, reopening in spring of last year).

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Five Fast Casual Concepts That Need To Happen

Courtesy Umami Burger via Facebook
Any one of these ideas could be the next Umami Burger--right?
It seems that anyone with a bankroll and a big idea is flocking to the fast casual scene nowadays. And why not? Why go in on a fast food franchise and take orders when you can be your own Colonel, Ray Kroc, or Steve Ells rolled up into one? In the last month alone I've discovered a place that dolls up hot potatoes, a joint that hawks donut-shaped burgers, and a counter with a kitchen that offers just four types of taquitos. Starting your own fast casual place means you get to make--and break--all the rules. After scouring and getting up to speed on what excites customers, I've come up with a few ideas that are just waiting to find a home. Potential investors, you know where to find me.

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Fast Casual Indian Joint Paradise Biryani Pointe Expands Into Manhattan

Billy Lyons
Paradise Biryani Pointe's first location in Manhattan is in Murray Hill
Should you find yourself in Murray Hill craving Indian food, there's not exactly a shortage of spots to sate your desire--the neighborhood didn't earn the nickname "Curry Hill" for nothing. But that didn't stop Paradise Biryani Pointe, the nation's largest chain of Indian restaurants, from planting its first Manhattan outpost in the area.

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At Least Our Robot Overlords Will Get Us Drunk

Categories: The Future

Lucas Werthein
The Makr Shakr at work

They may not have the same handsome waistcoats or knowledge of hard shake theory as their human counterparts, but robot bartenders can make up for what they lack in style with, hmm, with a digital design system that "monitors alcohol consumption and blood alcohol levels by inputting basic physical data."

The Makr Shakr is a robotic bartender that takes drink orders via an app. It was developed by engineers at MIT's Senseable City Lab (in collaboration with Coca-Cola and Bacardi), and made its debut during Milan Design Week. Watch a couple in action below.

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