Watch SNL's Brilliant Parody of Top Chef Featuring Dogs

Last night, Saturday Night Live did a parody of Top Chef called Top Dog Chef. It was screened, of course, on the Dog Channel and the hosts were Padma Leash Me and Tom Collie-cio, with Mario Barktali as the guest judge. Hilarity ensued as the contestants -- humans in dog costumes with particular emphasis on furry faces -- undertook the challenge to make something brilliant out of a torn-open garbage bag.

Playboy Features Top Chef's Padma Lakshmi

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Throaty vixen and Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi appears in the latest issue of Playboy. But take note before you run out to the newsstands; the only thing she bares is her recipe for a perfect roast chicken.

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What's Angelo Sosa Up To at Anejo Tequileria?

The best dish we tried was the scrumptious beef taquitos.

Angelo Sosa--the season seven Top Chef contestant who ended up in second place--opened Anejo Tequileria in Hell's Kitchen as chef and partner this past January, focusing on aged tequilas and similar Mexican fermented products. Fork in the Road recently declared the margarita there best in the city, but what's Sosa's food like, you wonder.

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Make Angelo Sosa's Corn Dumpling Stew

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Jeremy Johnson
Even though it's not as seasonally cold as expected, it's still cold enough for spooning up bowls of warm liquid. Whether it's one of Robert Sietsema's ramen picks, takeout egg drop soup, or Luzzo's Zuppe Bollito, Fork in the Road has pretty much solidified that January equals Soup Month. So, why not add another bowl to your list.

Chef Angelo Sosa first showed us his hand with Asian flavors at Xie Xie -- this is the pre-Top Chef days -- before solidifying his mastery at Midtown restaurant Social Eatz. Now, he's showing us he has other cards in his deck. With the opening of Hell's Kitchen's Anejo, the toque's first public foray into Mexican cuisine (668 Tenth Avenue at 47th Street, 212-920-4770).

In honor of his opening, Chef Sosa has shared his Corn Dumpling Stew recipe. The tomato-based sauce is spiked with chorizo. The masa-like balls make this hearty enough for a winter night's meal.

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Top Chef Just Desserts Will Return August 24

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Half of these people secretly want to kill each other.

Sweet freaks and couch potatoes, rejoice: Top Chef Just Desserts is returning on August 24 at 10 p.m.

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Stephen Aspirinio Wants to Serve New York Pizza; Hung Huynh's Restaurant Is Coming Sort of Soon

A man and his tie
To the list of Top Chef alums who are opening restaurants in New York -- Harold Dieterle, Leah Cohen, Nikki Cascone, Angelo Sosa, Camille Beccera, Dale Talde, Sam Talbot, and Hung Huynh -- we can add Stephen Asprinio.

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So Why Don't More Women Win Top Chef?

Mike Isabella and Richard Blaise: Top Chef finalists, and men.
Another dude has won another season of Top Chef, and that's provided another opportunity to ask why there aren't more female chefs not only in the winners' circle, but also in the upper echelons of the kitchen hierarchy.

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Top Chef: 'If You Win, I'm Going to Feel Like Sh*t'

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And finally, we have come to the end. If last night's finale felt like a rote stampede toward the final outcome of what has been a very, very long season, it did at least deliver on its slightly beleaguered promise of emotional catharsis.

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Top Chef: Still Not Over

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Yet another week in the Bahamas, and still, that light at the end of the tunnel is maddeningly faint. What can Top Chef's producers give us that we haven't seen before on a cooking show, aside from a virgin sacrifice? A Quickfire Challenge that's "different than anything you've experienced in the past," Padma tells us, Wolfgang Puck by her side. Oh. Yep, that's all we get.

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Top Chef: 'We Just Gotta Keep Evolving Our Food'

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Are we there yet? Alas, no, we are not. There's still one last hurrah for this season of Top Chef, but now that we've suffered through the sight of Mike Isabella diving topless for conch, it should be all downhill from here.

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