Angelica Kitchen's Leslie McEachern: 'Come In, Because Next Time We Might Not Be Here'


This week, Angelica Kitchen (300 East 12th Street, 212-228-2909) owner Leslie McEachern rang the digital alarm with an email informing patrons of the 38-year-old East Village stalwart's battle against raised rents, bemoaning that "Angelica's is at risk of becoming a casualty of the business climate and real estate market that has led to the loss of so many other beloved NYC restaurants." The answer, of course, is asses in seats. And in addition to asking customers to dine frequently, the restaurant will hold a series of Kitchen Table Talks to discuss the issue, which affects all business owners in the community. The first one takes place this Sunday at 4:30 p.m.

Earlier in the year, we spoke with McEachern about Angelica's history, the decision to add wine and beer, and her outlook on the situation at hand.

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I Spent a Day Selling Vegan Hot Dogs With Yeah Dawg Vegan

All photos by Chris Packham
Marina Bennedetto, proprietor of pop-up vegan hot dog stand Yeah Dawg Vegan, speaks in half-punctuated fusillades of clauses, like this: "With a truck, you still need to rent a kitchen, plus you have to do all the permitting, and, like, dealing with the city and parking hassles, so doing a pop-up cart is still less trouble, even though you have to load so much food, and, like, equipment and try to remember everything you need to bring, it's still a lot of work."

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Delectable Masala Dosas From a Cart at Washington Square

Eat with your fingers for maximum enjoyment!

Carnivores: Vegetarian and even vegan food won't bite you! And it's often just as good or even better than meat-bearing fare. A case in point is the masala dosa available from the vendor called NY Dosas, usually parked at lunchtime near the intersection of LaGuardia and West 4th on the south side of Washington Square. For around $5, and available in several permutations, you get a giant crisp pancake made of fermented lentil and rice batter and stuffed with a potato mixture that sometimes contains nuts, a real South Indian treat. It comes with a spicy soup called sambar and coconut chutney for dipping the pancake. Eat it with your fingers for maximum authenticity.

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How Many of These Bread Dips Can You Identify?

This delicious collection of 15 bread dips is Dish #29 in our countdown.

Welcome to 100 Dishes to Eat Now, the tasty countdown leading up to our "Best of 2012" issue. Tune in every day (weekends, too!) for a new dish from the Fork in the Road team.

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Ceci Panino at Sullivan St Bakery, Dish #78


Welcome to 100 Dishes to Eat Now, the tasty countdown leading up to our "Best of 2012" issue. Tune in each day (weekends too!) for a new dish from the Fork in the Road team.

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Humongous New Chile Relleno Taco Placeros Sighted in Sunset Park

How lush was my taco?

At the invitation of Serious Eats Mexican-food expert Scarlett Lindeman, I visited a newish taqueria in Sunset Park in the shadow of the looming Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Brooklyn's largest Roman Catholic cathedral. The place is called Tacos Cachanilla, and one of the lures--apart from a massive menu that includes food from several southern Mexican states, plus Tex-Mex, etc., etc.--is that they make their own white-corn tortillas, some of incredible girth. One of the largest is deployed to make the biggest chile relleno taco placeros I've ever seen.

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Year of the Takeout Day 149: Shanghai Asian Cuisine

NYC's Strangest Ravioli? Casunzei Ampezzani at Trattoria Machiavelli

Apparent culinary mayhem at Machiavelli

When the ravioli arrives, it looks like a battlefield, or the work of a mass murderer: half-moon purses bulging with something so red, that it recalls beef tartare, or maybe human flesh.

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What to Look for in the Farmers' Markets This Weekend

Thick meaty rhubarb is available in abundance.

Several products have recently debuted for the season in the Union Square Greenmarket and will be generally available this weekend and in the coming week. Bright red and much thicker than the specimens seen last week, rhubarb is a welcome harbinger of late-spring vegetables. Use it to make a pie or crumble. It can also be pickled (as Williamsburg's Parish Hall has done) or made into jam for use year-round.

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Beet-Mania at Boukies in the East Village

Patzarosalata at Boukies

Some days, being a vegan ain't so difficult. Indeed, there are many cuisines that have plenty of purely vegetables dishes without cheese or other milk products. At Boukies, a new Greek small-plate place in the doomed Heartbreak space, there are lots of dishes for vegetarians and vegans to enjoy. One of the best Fork in the Road has tasted so far is patzarosalata.

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