Watch a Sneak Peak of Mind of a Chef with David Chang and Aziz Ansari


In case David Chang wasn't busy enough already with a restaurant empire to run and benefits to organize, he's also hosting Mind of a Chef on PBS. The show, which premiers tonight, explores the inner and ever-workings of Chang's head, while bringing some of his well-known, food-inclined friends along for the ride.

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Martha Stewart Moves Content to Hulu


Good news for Martha fans: Three Martha Stewart Living shows launched on Hulu and Hulu Plus yesterday, and more episodes will become available every Monday.

Once "From Martha's Kitchen," "Emeril's Table," and "DIY Crafts" wrap up, Hulu will begin to unveil more stuff from the archive (over 15,000 how-to videos, many of them covering cooking and entertaining). It's an interesting move for Stewart, whose series, "The Martha Stewart Show," was canceled by the Hallmark Channel earlier this year.

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Top Chef Masters Will Have Women Chefs, Great Judges

Bravo announced season 4 of Top Chef Masters today and the New York chefs competing include Missy Robbins of A Voce, Sue Torres of SueƱos, and Kerry Heffernan of South Gate.

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Christina Tosi Blogs Her Way Around the Country; Stops to Visit Al Roker, Martha Stewart

Bestie bakers
In case you missed it yesterday, Momofuku Milk Bar's Christina Tosi made an appearance on Today. Meanwhile, today, she stopped by The Martha Stewart Show. Tosi is in serious book-tour mode these days, traveling around promoting her new cookbook, Momofuku Milk Bar. And she's blogging the entire thing! To check out what she's up to on any given day, go to Tosi on Tour.

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Has Spicy Tingly Lamb Face Jumped the Shark?

As spicy and tingly as ever
No way! The mouth-burning offal-laced "salad" is as addictive as ever. Even if it just this week was featured on the Food Network's The Best Thing I Ever Ate.

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Jean-Georges Gives Jimmy Fallon Crabs

Jean-Georges Vongerichten dropped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night. The segment was pretty uneventful: JG plugged his new cookbook, Home Cooking with Jean-Georges; he and Fallon made crab toast. But we're suckers for a raunchy headline. Happy Friday.

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America's Strangest Eating Addictions Include Dryer Sheets, Human Ashes, Rocks

Are you ready for rocks?
In the category of reality shows that truly messed-up people watch to feel less messed-up compared with the even-more-messed-up people on the show, we give you TLC's My Strange Addiction. It features, just as you might expect, people who are into all sorts of weird shit, from huffing gasoline to furryism. But the eating addictions are what really take the, ahem, cake.

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Jon Stewart Rips Donald Trump a New One Over His Questionable Pizza Choices

Someone needs a lesson in slices.
Yes, we all love to make fun of The Donald. But Jon Stewart's nearly-eight-minute-long tirade on last night's episode of The Daily Show takes the cake (um, pie?) when it comes to Trump dressing-downs. What sparked the epic rant was Donald Trump's mysteriously un-New Yorker pizza choices when he recently hosted Sarah Palin during the New York stop of her nationwide bus tour. Click through for the NSFW clip.

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Daytime Emmy Nominations Out, Include Several Food Figures

Food Network
Look at that flawless makeup on Sandra Lee!
Daytime Emmy nominations were announced this morning, and, of course, James Franco helped lead General Hospital to a whopping 21 nominations, heading the pack. But those more culinarily inclined were also honored.

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The Next Food Network Stars? Not Quite.

guy fieri.jpg
The one "real" star
Being the Next Food Network Star is kind of like being Top Chef, minus the chef aspect. But ultimately it can be much more lucrative than winning the $100,000 on the Bravo show, since it's an opportunity to build a brand ... or is it?

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