Big Gay Ice Cream Launches New Soft-Serve This Friday

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Doug Quint road tests the old chocolate mix (left) against the new (right).

When Doug Quint of Big Gay Ice Cream started selling his enhanced soft-serve from a Mister Softee-type truck back in 2009, he was constrained to use a commercial ice cream mix provided by a local manufacturer, which came in liquid form in gallon cartons. Nevertheless, he produced a crowd-pleasing product by drizzling cones with wild premium ingredients like olive oil and sea salt, toasted curry coconut, and blueberries and saba. "When it comes to the quality level of those manufactured products," Quint said, referring to the usual commercial soft-serve mixes, "if you buy the highest quality, it's actually quite good." And Big Gay Ice Cream proved it.

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Canelés: The Hot Sweet Treat for 2012

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Courtesy of Épicerie Boulud
Get these babies while they're chaud.
​If 2011 was the year of the "               is the new cupcake," then 2012 is at least the year of definitive answers. And the answer is the canelé. This pint-sized dessert has been popping up at all over the city, and is definitely something that you should get your hands on.

A specialty of the Bordeaux region of France, a canelé is a fluted pastry that is approximately two inches tall. Prepared in a special pan, the cakey domed treats have a caramelized outside and custard-like inside that is commonly compared to a crème brûlée because of its combination of crunch and rich cream.

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Savor the Rainbow! Kutsher's Helps Colorize Your Holidays.

RainbowSundae copy.jpg
"Excuse me waiter, is that a rainbow in my sundae?"
You've heard it a million times: _______ is the new cupcake. However, should so much time be spent on the search for an updated sickeningly sweet dessert trend?

We think not. Instead, we'll point you toward one of our favorite treats come holiday season (well, really any time of year will work): the rainbow cookie. Sometimes referred to as a seven-layer or tricolor cookie, this finger-size cake is made up of layers of almond and marzipan-like sponge, joined together with raspberry jam and sealed with a top and bottom layer of chocolate. They can be found at most Italian bakeries in places like Arthur Avenue in the Bronx; Whitestone, Queens; Bay Ridge, Brooklyn; and Manhattan's Little Italy, and as part of every cookie platter ever brought to a Jewish shiva call (the gathering of friends and family post-funeral).

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Hope, Faith & Gluttony's Hope Jones on Christmas Cookies

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Hope Jones
Hope Jones used to own a storefront bakery in Red Bank, New Jersey. She grew tired of the long hours, however, and decided to close up shop. After two years away from the industry, Jones realized that she couldn't ignore her love of cookies, cakes, and pies. So she reopened her bakery online. Now, she runs Hope, Faith & Gluttony out of Long Island City. The Manhattan resident chatted recently about running a high-volume bakery almost entirely by herself.

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