Vegan, Gluten-Free 'Nibblers' Are a Happy Accident

Rachael Grace
Nibblers: a truffle-cupcake love child

How many times have you thrown together a dish based solely on what you happened to have in the fridge? That's exactly how Carrie Firestone came up with Nibblers, a vegan, gluten-free dessert sold in cafés like the Bean and Teany.

"I had some ingredients in the fridge -- some dark chocolate that was too dark to eat, sage, walnuts," says Firestone. "I wanted to make a dessert and I knew I wanted it to be vegan because I don't eat dairy or meat. I just threw it together and it came out really well. ... I bake a lot so I do know what I'm doing in the kitchen."

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Super Bowl S'mores at Dominique Ansel Bakery

Forget the pigskin, this football is a much tastier treat to throw around on game day.

If you happen to stop into Soho's Dominique Ansel Bakery this weekend, you may notice a new addition to their recently expanded lineup: a Super Bowl S'more.

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Lady M's Green Tea Mille Feuille

Lauren Bloomberg
Look at all those layers.
If you happen to be dining at Ushiwakamaru, that below-the-sidewalk sushi lair on West Houston Street, you may notice many things: The fish is fresh, the space is clean and inviting, the service is warm and informed. What you may overlook, however, is dessert. For that you'd be remiss. Ushiwakamaru has a half-dozen dessert options, but you should focus on two, a grapefruit jelly served in a half grapefruit shell and the Lady M's Green Tea Mille Feuille.

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Introducing Fresh Fruit Creamy Infinite Ice, NYC's Newest Frozen Treat, Dish No. 88

The elaborate concoction known as the Fresh Fruit Creamy Infinite Ice

This has been an amazing year for newfangled frozen treats, and so far we've seen the introduction of New Orleans-style Sno-Balls, ice cream for dogs, cheddar-cheese gelato, and the focaccina, a sort of ice cream focaccia. But our very newest frozen-treat choice goes by the verbose name of Fresh Fruit Creamy Infinite Ice, and it comes from China.

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