UPDATE: Dack Shack Moves To Thursday Night; Fatty 'Cue Announces Changes

Courtesy The Dack Shack/Peter DeStefano via Facebook
Fatty Cue' is switching things up and The Dack Shack will now be featured Thursday nights
Last week, we detailed a new Tuesday night party, The Dack Shack's classic daquiri-focused fete at Fatty 'Cue Brooklyn. Shortly after we dropped our account, though, Fatty 'Cue announce it would be altering its hours of operation and reconceptualizing -- and with those changes comes change for the mobile daiquiri operation, too.

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Ben Spiegel Applies His Foraging Background at Icelandic-Inspired SKÁL

Courtesy SKÁL
Executive Chef Ben Spiegel of SKÁL
Perhaps the Scandinavian trend we all predicted a few years back didn't take hold with the vengeance we expected, but restaurants celebrating the culinary canon of those countries near the Arctic circle continue to take root here, a testament to the ever-changing nature of the New York City gastronomic landscape. The newest entrant is SKÁL (37 Canal Street, 212-777-7518)--which translates to "cheers" in Danish--an Icelandic spot bringing a bit of Erik The Red to the lower Lower East Side with an ambitious menu in a homey space that formerly housed Les Enfants Terribles.

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How to Dine Like a VIP With Two Clicks

Billy Lyons
A complimentary pasta appetizer at Ai Fiori sits in the middle of the table, a typical experience when booking through I Know The Chef
Unless you're a food critic or wary of the paparazzi, you're likely a fan of feeling special when you dine out, and whether it's a complimentary appetizer or that cute little table by the window, simple gestures carry tremendous weight in the overall experience. For the average diner, though, finding a place that makes you feel extraordinary can be frustrating when it's a challenge to even find a table at a popular restaurant during an hour you'd actually want to eat.

As in many aspects of the hospitality industry, technology is playing an increasingly important role in addressing this problem. One such platform: I Know The Chef, a mobile reservation and concierge service that aims to show people you don't have to slip the maitre'd a $20 bill in order to feel like a star instead of an extra.

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Nat Sherman Pop-Up Completes the Whiskey, Chocolate, and Cigar Trifecta in Red Hook

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Billy Lyons
A look inside the Nat Sherman Pop Up
Last night, Red Hook was rocking as Nat Sherman threw a party to unveil its Brooklyn pop-up, a collaboration with Widow Jane Distillery and Cacao Prieto, which you can read about in a story Hannah Palmer Egan wrote earlier this week. A torrential downpour kept everyone indoors, but we can't think of three better things to be trapped in a room with than chocolate, whiskey, and cigars. Here's a recap of the turnout and why you might want to head over to Conover Street after a long day at Ikea.

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Food Start-Ups Have a New Home on the Williamsburg Waterfront

Need a kitchen? This space may be exactly what you're looking for
With the remnants of the nearby Domino Sugar Refinery in the background, a new kitchen incubator hopes to attract a crop of environmentally responsible entrepreneurs to the Williamsburg waterfront: Green Desk, which made its name by offering flexible work spaces to those tired of hopping on conference calls at local cafés, just put out an ad specifically geared toward attracting food start-ups.

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When Food Journalists Write for Free

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When Nate Thayer posted his exchange with an Atlantic editor asking him to contribute to the site for free, he sparked a huge debate over whether writers should ever be expected to go unpaid. The short answer, if you ask me and most journalists, is no. But as a writer who has written for free, the no comes with an explanation.

When I first started writing about food, I found I could land super short pieces about things like local whiskey, seasonal ingredients, and roundups of the best brunch deals. Unsurprisingly, not a lot of outlets were interested in my oddball food stories about the architect Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky's kitchen designs, or the dead English romance novelist Barbara Cartland.

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Is Gael Greene Seeking a New Assistant?

Categories: Ya Heard?

Insatiable Critic.com
It certainly seems that way from this posting on Good Food Jobs. According to the description, a "well-known food critic/novelist/magazine writer with office in West 70s," is looking for an eager, organized, food lover to do "everything [she] would do [her]self" if there were a few more hours in the day. Greene, a former NY Mag food critic, separately announced on Twitter that she is searching for a "brilliant" aide. The onetime Elvis-lover is also a longtime resident of the Upper West Side.

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Listen to Robert Sietsema on HRN! [Updated with Podcast URL]

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Our man Sietsema was in the studios of the Heritage Radio Network yesterday chatting up a storm with Let's Eat In host Cathy Erway. .

Listen to the interview here.

Zombie Bread, Yikes!

Is that strawberry jam -- or real blood?

This via Incredible Things (where else?) via Tracy Van Dyk: an artist who works in a bakery in Ratchaburi, Thailand -- a suburb just southwest of Bangkok -- has invented a product made out of bread dough that looks exactly like bloody body parts.

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Listen: Food Is the New Rock, You Eat What You Are

Categories: Ya Heard?

Food Is the New Rock has a new podcast, and a recent episode features L.A.'s Jonathan Gold. There's a lot of fun food- and music-related chit chat, but the highlight has got to be when Gold mentions that his favorite blog in the world is The Hairpin.

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