RedFarm, Yelped!

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Meng He
They are certainly adorable with their sesame eyes ...
We've read a lot about Yelp in the news lately. The company went public on March 2, and the press was abuzz with speculation about and investigation into its financial health and sources of ad revenue. The site also popped up in Pete Wells's latest review of RedFarm, with the Times critic saying that the upscale Chinese spot "seems designed for the age of Yelp, when the entire world can be split into either Nothing Special or OMG." For Wells, RedFarm falls squarely in the realm of OMG. (Our own Lauren Shockey might beg to differ.) His comments prompted us to check out the Yelp boards and see how many OMGs there really are on there. What actual yelpers think about RedFarm and its dumplings, after the jump.

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Shake Shack, Yelped

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Chris Murphy

This week, the Times' Pete Wells reviewed Danny Meyer's Shake Shack chain and gave it one star, writing that its food is inconsistent and its burgers unremarkable. Most Yelpers would beg to differ. They have come out in numbers (2,548 reviews have been posted for the Shake Shack in Madison Square Park alone) to shower Shack Shack with stars, extol its sublime beef and creamy shakes, and, most importantly, compare it to the West Coast fixture In-N-Out Burger. By and large, their biggest issue with Shake Shake, especially the one in Madison Square Park, is the long wait. Some favorite Yelp comments, after the jump.

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Il Buco Alimentari e Vineria, Yelped

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Alexia Nader
Cured meat is serious business.

Il Buco Alimentari e Vineria just received three stars from Times critic Pete Wells, who said that the cured meats served there are "among the finest salumi in the country." But the restaurant has gotten more mixed reviews from the carnivores on Yelp. Their reactions have ranged from mooning over the waiters and bartenders to downright hostility. See for yourself in our roundup of the reviews. 

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The Atlantic's Guide to Yelp Restaurant Reviewers (Plus 5 They Forgot)

Hail to the Yelpers?

Over at The Atlantic Life Channel (known until yesterday as The Atlantic Food Channel), there's an entertaining guide to the bane of restaurateurs' existences: annoying Yelp reviewers. They include the Übermensch all-caps user, who attacks restaurants; the Hater's Ball, who rants about restaurants he's never visited; the Blood Feud, who writes reviews on places he went to years ago; the Cheapskate, who complains of price; and the Know-Nothing, who, well, knows nothing. It's a good read, but we've come up with some additional types not mentioned.

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Yelping for John Dory

john dory.jpg
photo: Daniel Neuner

Last week, Frank Bruni reviewed April Bloomfield's John Dory (85 Tenth Avenue), giving it two stars worth of love, but how much love is the new seafood restaurant getting from yelpers? Surprisingly, there are only 8 reviews for the John Dory on Yelp, averaging 3.5 stars, due in part to a contested 1 star review. Oh, the controversy. The Yelp hi-lights are after the jump.

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Yelping Salumeria Rosi Parmacotto

photo: Calvin Godfrey

Last week, our own Robert Sietsema reviewed Salumeria Rosi Parmacotto (283 Amsterdam Avenue)  Cesare Casella's new salumi shop and restaurant. He found some of the charcuterie selections from Parmacotto less than thrilling but pronounced much of the cooking "stunning." Yelpers are responding to the restaurant with a similar mix of thrills & chills and mehs.
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Yelping the Buttermilk Channel


Carroll Gardens' Buttermilk Channel (524 Court Street, Brooklyn) has been open about two months, and it's drawing raves from both Yelpers and professional critics. Chef Ryan Angulo (Stanton Social) and his comfort food earned five stars out of six from Time Out this week, and Yelpers have been equally enthusiastic, giving it an average of four stars our five. A roundup of the Yelp reviews is after the jump.

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Yelpers for Macao

Yesterday, the Daily News' Restaurant Girl awarded Macao Trading Company (311 Church Street) a mere two stars, saying that "instead of a fusion of Chinese and Portuguese food"  the restaurant serves "an uneasy negotiation between the two cuisines."

However the new Tribeca restaurant is faring far better amongst the Yelpers, seemingly thanks to the decor, a bustling bar scene, and fancy drinks. The Yelp roundup after the jump

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Yelps for Co.

The Yelps are coming in for the hottest new pizza in town, Jim Lahey's Co. (230 Ninth Avenue), and they're a mixed pie. Three out of seven yelps give the place 4 stars out of 5, but the remaining yelpers have only a star or two for the joint, making for 2.5 stars on average. Much of the negativity relates to long waits, dough shortages, and service issues--to be expected in a restaurant's early weeks. After the jump, some key Yelp quotes...

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