The Replacements - Forest Hills Stadium - 9/19

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Credit: Christopher Victorio
The Replacements at Coachella
Better Than: Most rock 'n' roll reunion shows.

The Replacements are a band that contain multitudes. More multitudes than most, rather, with their unorthodox and believable balance of snottiness and romance that pervades their songs. Part punk and part rockabilly, they're drenched in pop sensibility, making them relatable on all ends and having lyrics that you're not sure how you know but you just do.

On Friday, the band continued their reunion at Forest Hills Stadium, embarking on their first NYC show in 23 years. For all, it was moving and exciting with no possible differentiation between the fans who had been waiting over two decades and the fans who had been made within those two decades.

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The Drums - Rough Trade - 9/21

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All photos Lindsey Rhoades
Better Than: Catching whiffs of patchouli-doused protestors at the Climate March.

After extensive touring in support of wildly successful sophomore record Portamento, it seemed as though the Drums were about to break up. Charismatic lead singer Jonny Pierce announced the impending release of his first solo album late last year, as did co-founding member Jacob Graham under the moniker Cascading Slopes. Everyone else, including the band's management, had parted ways. For an indie band with that much momentum, the radio silence said everything.

Pierce and Graham, it turns out, were more dedicated to keeping the Drums beating than they'd been willing to admit. They revealed that a third Drums album, Encyclopedia, would hit stores in September. NYC area fans had the chance to get their paws on the record a few days ahead of its release at the Williamsburg outpost of Rough Trade, and as though that weren't reward enough, the LP came with two wristbands to an in-store performance on Sunday afternoon.

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The 10 Best Concerts in New York This Week, 9/22/14

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Credit: Erik Hess
The Black Keys perform at Barclays Center this Tuesday and Wednesday
For more shows throughout the week, check out our New York Concert Calendar, which we update daily.

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"Loving Yourself": The Philosophy of JUNGLEPUSSY

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Via YouTube
JUNGLEPUSSY has but a freshman record and a few singles under her belt, but the fierce as fuck personality with a message about taking no shit and focusing on your health has already got a dedicated army of followers online. The Brooklyn born West Indian rapper is a fashion student turned retail employee, turned YouTube comedian, turned emcee, turned lifestyle guru, turned DKNY model. And she's only just beginning.

Earlier this month, JUNGLEPUSSY (real name Shayna McHayle) put out a video for "Nah," a chilled out track from her debut album Satisfaction Guaranteed on which she spits about staying hydrated, shopping at Trader Joe's, getting head, and Kevin Costner. We just had to talk to her.

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Sam Smith - United Palace Theatre - 9/18

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Better Than: Drunk dialing the person you're in love with.

United Palace Theatre is primarily a church that moonlights as a movie theatre and music venue. The entrance is devastatingly beautiful and overwhelming, making it the perfect host for Sam Smith's grandiose voice, earnest delivery and soulful tunes. In their red velvet seats, patrons clutched their hearts and raised their hands as if engaging in a new type of spiritual experience on a Thursday evening.

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Ty Segall - Webster Hall - 9/18

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All photos Lindsey Rhoades
Better Than: Taking a crowd-surfing class at NYU

Ty Segall has long been known as a musician capable of prolific output; in 2012 alone, he released three full-length LPs -- Hair, with White Fence; Slaughterhouse, with his touring band; and Twins, that year's solo effort. He followed that up by releasing 2013's Sleeper, as well as starting a whole new band, Fuzz, in which he primarily plays drums. With each project, Segall tends to tweak his approach ever so slightly, dabbling in black metal on one album, sprinkling in hints of psych on the next. With the August release of Manipulator, Segall hones his ability to layer more complex elements into his brand of punked-up, seething rock 'n' roll.

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The Source 360 at BAM: A Guide

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The Source turns 25 this year. How many back issues are in your closet?
This year, rap publication The Source celebrates its 25th birthday. Considered by many to be "the hip-hop Bible," the publication has been a cornerstone of the hip-hop culture, impacting everything from breaking new artists to making "5 Mics," the coveted highest honor the magazine awards an album, part of the hip-hop lexicon. Starting Friday, BAM is paying tribute to the magazine with The Source 360 Film Festival. Boasting three days of hip-hop cinema chronicling the Source era, we've assembled this guide to everything you need to know about what's playing.

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The 10 Best Concerts in New York This Weekend, 9/19/14

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Credit: Christopher Victorio
The Replacements headline Forest Hills Stadium this Friday
For more shows throughout the weekend, check out our New York Concert Calendar, which we update daily.

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Rabbi Darkside Leads the Rebel Alliance to the Blue Note Friday

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Donna Travail
Rabbi Darkside
Rapper, educator, and former MTV Made coach Rabbi Darkside will hit a new career milestone this Friday night as he headlines a special late-night show at the Blue Note. The famed jazz club has been slowly opening its doors to more and more hip-hop acts. After a few strong guest appearances on the historic stage over the past two years, Darkside will be getting a full 90-minute show of his own, where he'll be joined by the "Rebel Alliance," including musical director Lenny Reece of The Lesson. We spoke to Darkside about prepping for this show and what exactly the Rebel Alliance is.

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How to Dress Well - Irving Plaza - 9/17

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All photos Jena Ardell
Better Than: Anything described as "PBR&B."

Going off his music alone, one might have assumed How to Dress Well's Tom Krell was another self-absorbed white dude with a decent falsetto and too many feelings.

Though he is indeed white, and has quite a few feelings, Krell was, to my surprise, an exceedingly gracious performer.

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