The Best Noise Music in September: Eric Copeland, Bloodeath

[Ed. Note: In Please Enjoy Responsibly, columnist Raymond Cummings tracks down the best noise music of the month, while keeping an eye out for the best of recent months and saluting noise triumphs of yesteryear.]

The buzz of the fan, the mumble of the air conditioner, the numbing hum of central air: no more, no more. That's over, people. It's autumn now, and it's getting cooler. Not cold, mind. When it's cold there's the baseboard heat or the plug-in heater to turn to, and those appliances generate some pleasant ambient noise. But for now we're in between consumer electronic drones, which means we're in the season where we're forced to willfully pollute our surroundings. Don't make that face; as if you weren't doing that already.

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Father/Son NYC Grindcore Band Vomit Fist's New Video Is 48-Seconds of Blood and Puke

Categories: Metal

Photo by Chris Carlone
Some teens spend their last year of high school succumbing to senioritis, but New York drummer Leo "Lurkrot" Didkovsky started a grindcore band--with his dad. Behold the bloody fruits of Vomit Fist in "Under the Rind," the new (48-second!) music video by this multigenerational trio.

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What's the Best Way to Book College Shows?

Categories: Fan Landers

Are you a musician? Is your group having issues? Ask Fan Landers! Critic Jessica Hopper has played in and managed bands, toured internationally, booked shows, produced records, worked as a publicist and is the author of The Girls' Guide to Rocking, a how-to for teen ladies. She is here to help you stop doing it wrong. Send your problems to her -- confidentiality is assured, unless you want to use your drama as a ticket to Internet microfame.

Hi Jessica,

My band Mooner will be releasing our debut album in March 2015 and we're shooting for shows at colleges or in college towns on the weekends in the Spring, following the release. A site I frequent,, sells a subscription to a college booking directory. It appears they keep a bunch of names and emails up-to-date and just let you have them. I'm curious if this method is worth the money. I've heard that booking college shows is a notoriously difficult task and I'm not sure if emailing the same people that anyone with $60 will be emailing is worth the time it takes to write the emails. Is it even worth starting this process without a booking professional that already has these connections?

Thanks for your time,

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Anna Lunoe Promises "Good, Sweaty, Fun" at Brooklyn Bowl Tonight

Categories: Interviews

Infamous PR
Anna Lunoe
Tonight, Sept. 29th, Anna Lunoe is headed to the Brooklyn Bowl alongside Kygo as one of the many stops in her All Out Fall Out Tour. Lunoe first discovered her passion for music when she began hosting a radio show in her home country of Australia in 2005. Since then, she has mastered both DJing and producing, as well as singing, which she does on both her own tracks and those of her fellow DJs. Lunoe's musicality stems from many different influences across so many genres -- she's named Beck, Outkast, and Diplo as some of her inspirations -- inspiring what has become her very personal and unique musical sound. We talked to Lunoe about what people can expect from All Out Fall Out.

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G.B.H. - Gramercy Theater - 9/26/14

Categories: Live

Photos by Kevin D. Emerson
Better Than: Every other punk band since 1981...

Punk's not dead! Was it ever? Perhaps, to a point, for a stretch in the 1990s, but it was certainly alive and well when British hardcore legends G.B.H. came to NYC in one of the final show dates of their current U.S. tour. Formed in Birmingham, England, in the late '70s, G.B.H. ("Grievous Bodily Harm," referring to a section of the English criminal code under which one of the band's members was once charged -- the band initially performed under the moniker "Charged G.B.H.") was an early and prominent member of the "Second Wave" of British punk music, along with Discharge, the Exploited, the Varukers, and others. Unlike most of their "UK82" classmates, G.B.H. avoided the angry anarchism typically associated with the genre and managed to find a balance between lyrical content dealing with serious social issues and not taking themselves too seriously. And it has stood the test of time. Uncommon among their early '80s contemporaries, the band has continued to tour and release very high quality new music throughout their 30+ year career.

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Ariana Grande Doesn't "Break Free" of Mediocrity on Saturday Night Live

By most accounts, Chris Pratt and Ariana Grande have won the summer of 2014. Guardians of the Galaxy, the geek blockbuster bonanza that catapulted Pratt from Parks and Recreation ensemble player to major Hollywood heatthrob status, is still breaking records for both its soundtrack and its box office appeal. Between the MTV VMA-winning "Problem," her unstoppable collaboration with Iggy Azalea, My Everything, her sophomore full-length out August 25, and a mile-long, star-studded list of collaborations in the bag, Grande has reached peak pop stardom shortly after her 21st birthday. Booking both Pratt and Grande for Saturday Night Live's fortieth season opener was a veritable feat and a perfect pairing after a stellar summer, but the expectations that come with that kind of billing are equally huge, and only one of the two lived up to the hype.

And the one who did? Yeah, Pratt doesn't have a "Problem" at all, but Grande had plenty.

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Rapper Tim Dog: "A Financial Rapist and an Abuser of Women"

tim dog560.jpg
Tim Dog of "Fuck Compton," grand larceny, and speculation over his death, fame.
Last week came the definitive news that Bronx rapper Tim Dog was indeed dead. After over a year of investigations into Tim Dog (real name Timothy Blair) possibly faking his death following the February 2013 news of his alleged death from a diabetic seizure, Dateline NBC finally obtained a copy of his death certificate. Among those who were looking to find proof of his death was one of Blair's former victims, Esther Pilgrim. We spoke to Esther, who was at the center of the Dateline NBC special about Tim Dog "The Perfect Catch," about their relationship and the process of trying to track down proof of his death.

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The 10 Best Concerts in New York This Week, 9/29/14

Categories: Listings, Live

Aloe Blacc by Timothy Norris
For more shows throughout the weekend, check out our New York Concert Calendar, which we update daily.

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Eric Prydz Is Bringing the World's Largest Hologram to MSG Tonight

Categories: Interviews

Eric Prydz EPIC 3.0 show is going to be, well, Epic!
Considered by many a dance music legend, Eric Prydz has produced hits that have satisfied the mainstream and underground in equal measure. We met up with the DJ and his manager Michael Sershall at the Refinery Hotel to talk to them both about the EPIC 3.0 show that makes its way tonight, Sept. 27, to Madison Square Garden, a blow out the two say will feature elements heretofore unseen in any other EPIC production (or any other show in general, for that matter).

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Pitbull & Enrique Iglesias - Madison Square Garden - 9/26

Categories: Last Night

Credit: Esthela Lopez
Enrique Iglesias
Better Than: Derek Jeter's last game in Yankee Stadium.

For now, the year of the Super Tour is coming to a close, and what better encore to collaborative superstar tours than the absolute party that is a show headlined by both Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias? Though their approach to the co-headlining was more traditional than that of this summer's other Super Tours, with each playing one full, uninterrupted set rather than weaving together their songs and collaborations like Drake Vs. Lil Wayne or Eminem x Rihanna, or Jay and Bey, the respective time Madison Square Garden spent rapt with attention for each individual made the nearly three hour show fly by.

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