Deerhunter, Blowjob, Bro Job, Silent Barn

The unofficial title of Deerhunter's debut, Turn It Up, Faggot, comes from Frederick. Cox says he is gay, but then, oddly, clarifies himself. "I don't even consider myself actively gay. I consider myself asexual," he says. "I have no interest in the bourgeois life of growing up, getting married, and having kids."

Cox compares himself to the Stephen King heroine Carrie, or the outcast who gets invited to hang out with the hipsters that comprise much of their growing audience. " I don't relate to the couples who come to our shows and hold hands while they watch us." He adds, however, "I have a lot of respect for the people who like us, because it's challenging music."

Found the above paragraphs the Saturday morning after the Deerhunter show at the Silent Barn, while Google-jockeying phrases like "Bradford Cox blowjob," "Bradford Cox oral," and "Deerhunter gay." To clarify, I didn't give a shit about the Deerhunter frontman's sexuality — this isn't the noise-rock TMZ — but I was trying to figure out if Deerhunter frontman Bradford Cox had ever before gotten a bro job onstage. In the end, I didn't even bother to post about it; thought the unwritten rule was that the good stuff that happened at the Silent Barn in Brooklyn stayed at the Silent Barn. (Ain't that a larf!)

Besides, I thought maybe the Internet had something better to do than want to see photos of a guy with Marfan's Syndrome getting a blowjob from his bandmate, in a dress, on a kitchen sink, beside a pink toaster, at a loft-apartment show with Brian Chase, Karen O, and at one point Ryan Schreiber. No? Fine. I'm making you click.

Conferred with Jeremy and we agreed that was Colin Mee. Jeremy also thinks it was faked. Me, not so sure.

I suppose next you're gonna wanna know about what happened there New Year's Eve during the Black Lips.

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