Siren Call: A Conversation With Voxtrot's Ramesh Srivastava, Interrupted

Austin's Voxtrot need no introduction--which is another way of saying that ignorance is the best way to appreciate the following conversation with songwriter/frontman Ramesh Srivastava. You are about to read the most ill-fated phone interview I've ever done in my life, thanks to NYU, who's next door to the Voice offices and responsible for all that goes wrong in the East Village, including this particular incident. Not-so-coincidentally, Voxtrot is playing Siren Music Festival this Saturday. All things considered, enjoy.

Where are you now anyway?
On Mars somewhere. Nah, I'm in Cleveland, but it's totally fucked up. Oh, I'm in Youngstown.

Why's it fucked up?
It looks like some weird, decaying haunted village.

Sounds like Ohio. So you just played the Pitchfork Music Festival. How was that?
It was cool. It was fun. It went surprisingly well, I thought. I just figured 2pm it could be, er, bad, but the crowd was really nice.

Were you pissed that Pitchfork asked you to play after they gave your last record a 5.9?
Unfortunately for them, they'd already asked us, so they had no way out of it. But no, it's fine, they're nice to us usually.

I think Siren's going to be better.
You think so? I've never been before.

There's a rollercoaster. Pitchfork didn't have a rollercoaster.
That sounds pretty good.

So I saw that you're DJing on Friday night. What's that about?
I just know it's at this club Trash, but I don't know where it is. [Editors' note: The night is called Trash, the club is called Rififi. Flyer above.]

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