Possibly 4th Street: Black Lips Sing About STDs

Possibly 4th Street is a regular SOTC feature in which writer Rob Trucks invites musicians he likes to play anywhere, somewhere, in public. Last week, he brought you a songwriter who brought us to a dog run. This week, we bring you a couple of "fucked-up, Atlanta-bred, corn-fed Pucks" singing about a woman who gave them STDs.

photo by Rob Trucks

Possibly 4th Street: Black Lips

by Rob Trucks

I'm downstairs at the Bowery Ballroom with Jared Swilley, bassist/vocalist of the Black Lips. We've just returned from Sara D. Roosevelt Park where Jared and Joe Bradley, the only two members of Black Lips who don't play guitar onstage, took out acoustics and strummed a few songs. We're near the end of our interview when Jared asks if he can take one of his answers back. The reason: "Because my dad might read this."

[Exclusive Black Lips MP3 after the jump]

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