No More Motherfucker: Michael T and the Gang Call It Quits

The Cycle Sluts from Hell at the last Motherfucker.
photo by Maro

In case you didn't get the memo, Motherfucker is over after seven and a half years. From this week's birdcage liner:

"I regret to announce the end to another era in clubland," the message begins. "Motherfucker is no more." It goes on to explain that for the last year or so, relations between the four partners (Michael, Johnny T, Georgie Seville, and Justine D) have been strained—a fact documented by director David Casey's recent film, Motherfucker: The Movie, which was supposed to have debuted at CMJ but was yanked at the last minute. Apparently that tension finally reached its breaking point. "We did not anticipate our exit to be so abrupt," writes the foursome's de facto leader. "But alas, life throws curveballs at all of us when least expected."

Now where the hell is that dude from Semi-Precious Weapons gonna hang out? Oh right. Everywhere else.

Semi-Precious dude on the left; photo by Maro

Slash and Axl! photo by Maro

The Knife! photo by Maro

photo by Maro

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