Tonight: Lightning Bolt Side Project Wizardzz at the New Museum

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Paper Rad, Problem Solvers (Detail)

Pretty radtacular event going on tonight we haven't seen listed anywhere (and didn't include here). So let us jump on the service tip for a minute:

East Coast collective Paper Rad premieres two videos: "Problem Solvers" (20 min, 2008) and a short entitled "crank dat spongebob batman dropdead robocop" (3 min, 2008). New York artist Ben Coonley presents a new performance entitled 'Kindred Spirits is the Working Title,' (15 min, 2008) and Providence-based experimental band Wizardzz will perform in front of a mesmeric animated tapestry composed of images taken from the Web.

Tonight, 7pm, the New Museum, New York, NY $8 general public, $6 Members [Info]

Wizardzz, "Whispers from Wallface" (MP3)

No Context: Zach Baron on Paper Rad at the MOMA

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