Stephen Sprouse/Louis Vuitton Commandeers the Bowery Ballroom

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Photo by Araceli Cruz

The above is the much altered facade of the Bowery Ballroom--presumably the host of tonight's private party for Stephen Sprouse's Rock On Mars, in advance of tomorrow's formal opening at Deitch Projects tomorrow. Perhaps fittingly--Sprouse ran in '80s NY downtown circles, mostly as a designer but also as a kind of rock n roll acolyte/image-fabricator--this isn't the only detournment of a Soho building planned for the day. A few blocks away, Louis Vuitton (soon to host a coveted Marc Jacobs-designed/Sprouse-inspired accessories line) looks like this:

Photo via Racked

Glad to know certain neighborhoods are still absolutely the blank slate of anyone who cares to throw up the scaffolding.

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