SXSW: Perry Farrell plays solo show, Janes members don't show, guy in back holds up middle finger for half of the show

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Perry Farrell
March 21, 2009

One guitarist, one bongo player, one Powerbook, one wife, two go-go dancers, and Perry Farrell.
Danced-up versions of Farrell's songs, which were not half bad, but the crowd was not in the mood to dance. A guy toward the back of the room held up his middle finger for the first half of the show. "Jane Says" for an encore, during which Farrell invited a guy with a "Jane Says" t-shirt onstage, who was as happy as a guy in a "Jane Says" t-shirt onstage with Perry Farrell.
Perry and ett.JPG
Perry and wife Etty Lau Farrell

Perry with fan. .JPG
Perry with "Jane Says" fan.

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